Organizing Your closet: Magic Hangers Review

Organizing Your closet: Magic Hangers Review

Hello my lovelies!
All of us girls, we never have anything to wear. But our closets are flooded with clothes! My clothes seem to be falling out of my closet! And I somehow keep losing clothes, only to find them later, struggling for space. So obviously when I saw these closet organizers on Buyincoins, I could not resist myself! Plus they cost only about 2 to 3 USD, with free shipping, so I had to buy them!!Organizing-Your-closet-Magic-Hangers-Review

The package reached me after a month of ordering. There were 4 of these rod things and 8 hooks, so as to make 4 hangers.


Each magic hanger has 5 grooves to put individual hangers. There are two ways to hang this in your closet, vertically or horizontally. Obviously, vertical takes less space.


Now I’ll show you guys how I use this hanger. Check out how perfectly it holds my jeans!
Awesome, right? Apart from space saving, I love how easy it becomes for me to organize my clothes. A word of caution though, Don’t try to hang your heavy anarkalis or sarees on this. It’ll collapse! The hanger is pretty light and I would not recommend using it for heavy stuff. Also, the magic hanger becomes pretty heavy with 5 clothes on it, so be a little careful when you’re hanging it or taking it out.
You can find this hanger on It comes in packs of 2,4,6 and 8. I’m pretty happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend it, if you can stand the delivery time. It can take a month or even more!