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Opulent Alchemy Scents – Initial thoughts and review

Opulent Alchemy Scents – Initial thoughts and review :

I recently discovered the perfume oil seller Opulent Alchemy on Etsy. They have a dizzying array of perfume oils ‘inspired’ by designer fragrances, as well as a few of their own creations. There are perfume oils based on brands such as Chanel, Thierry Mulger, Gucci, Michael Kors etc.

A set of 10 samples will set you back $12.50USD plus shipping, giving you plenty of option to try before investing in full sized bottles. I ordered 20 samples on my first viewing and they arrived with four extra thrown in for free! I made sure to order a few where I own the original fragrance so that I can do a comparison for you.

However; to start I wanted to review the two samples that I ordered which are not based off any other fragrance.


Blackberry Cabernet – I was hoping for a deliciously rich, boozy blackberry scent based on the name. Instead, this perfume is rather sweet and lacks the depth that I associate with wine-based scents. If it were just named Blackberry I think I might like it more. Although; I find this scent pleasant there are better Blackberry scent around.

Vanilla Chardonnay – an odd combination in my opinion; I was very curious as to how this would turn out. At first Vanilla Chardonnay was overwhelmingly sickly and syrupy. Slowly it manages to tone down to a strange creamy yet slightly tart scent. Sadly, I don’t like this at all.

Hmmm not a great start for Opulent Alchemy but I have done some preliminary sniffing of the other scents, so I know it gets better. I’ll try to do a comparison post over the weekend for one of the oils where I own the original fragrance.