One-Shoulder Look: A Fashion Piece Must-Have

A one-shoulder piece is one of the sexiest things in the world that does not require you to show much skin. With this item, you can look sultry – just by showing your shoulder. Channel this runway-worthy apparel by pursuing these fashion tips on how to wear a one-shoulder garment.

one shoulder sparkle

Go Solid

A safe yet stylish way to wear a one-shoulder garb is to select a solid color. It’s the best choice for office or formal events. Since it is basically a blank fashion canvas, you have the license to go all-out with the accessorizing.
simple one shoulder dress

…or Go Crazy!

Are you an adventurous fashionista? For dayscapades and beach trips, opt for colorful or printed one-shoulder frocks. Be careful about the accessorizing printed outfits though, as it might take away the focus from the printed garb.
printed one shoulder dress


Mind your Undergarments

What’s inside is as important as what is outside. To maximize your one-shoulder look, wear a convertible bra so straps will not pop out. Choose neutrally-shaded knickers to avoid the panty lines that usually come with chiffon or semi-sheer dresses.

colorblock one shoulder

Belt it

Want to look sexier in your already-sexy one-shoulder ensemble? Then wear it with a belt. It is no secret that this simple piece can transform any attire into a chic, sultry one. Thin belts are more than perfect for one-shoulder attires.

belt dress

one shoulder dress

Choose Your Shoe Wisely

Your activity – or the event you need to attend – shall dictate the shoe you need to wear with your one-shoulder attire. Are you just going to meet up with friends? Then go for casual footwear, such as flat shoes or gladiator flats. But if you are blessing a formal or nighttime affair, raise the fashion notch with sexy high heels.


one shoulder party dress

one shoulder

Raise your Hair

Your hairstyle is important too, especially when it comes to wearing one-shoulder outfits. For formal events, sport an up do. Not only will this bring focus to your sexy shoulders, it can showcase your beautiful jewelries as well.

one shoulder jumpsuit

One-shoulder attires are fashion statement themselves, but they need utmost care when it comes to styling. Just make sure to follow these tips to yield the full trend potential of this sophisticated garment.

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