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Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Ombre Hair Color – An Exciting Color for your Hair
Those who are into fashion are aware how exciting ombre color is. The ombre hair color is a type of color that starts from the roots and the hair becomes progressively lighter to the ends. This type of appearance can be seen on models and Hollywood actresses, and you can have this color at home with the use of appropriate products, attention to detail and patience. If you don’t have enough funds for a professional coloring, this do-it-yourself method might work for you.
Pick a semi-permanent hair color a shade darker compared to the natural color of your hair. Put the color at the roots making use of the tools included in the color. Let it stay in your hair for five minutes. In coloring your hair, split your hair in four parts, with two in the back and two in front. Then brush the color from the roots to the center of your hair, starting at the back areas. Allow it to stay for five minutes. To soften the color add some water to the last third of the hair length up to the ends. Leave it for five minutes then rinse your hair. Within a shorter period of time you will have the ombre hair instantly.
If you want a permanent hair color pick a 3 shades lighter as compared to natural color. Divide your hair in 4 sections. With a ponytail holder hold the section of the last 3rd of the hair, near to the end. Apply color on the ends of the hair up to the ponytail holders and allow it to stay for twenty minutes. Take off the pony tail holders and spread the color of your hair one inch above where it was placed initially. Then let it stand for ten minutes then rinse your hair, you will have an ombre hair color instantly.

Two toned ombre hair

beautiful ombre hairstyle

Beautiful ombre hair color : light tips and dark roots

wavy ombre hair

Subtle  red ombre color idea for black hair

ombre tips for black hair

Images of ombre hair