Olivia Kijo: How to Nail the Oversized Pieces

Oversized does not mean under styled and bigger doesn’t always mean better. The difference between sad-and-baggy and rad-and-baggy is all about what you’re wearing with your oversized pieces. There are plenty of ways to wear these staples without looking like a potato sack but instead using them as an ultimate statement in effortless chic look. So, if you’re planning to don some high-fashion oversized pieces for the next few days, let’s have a style inspiration first.

A Polish style blogger, Olivia Kijo is known for proudly of breaking the rules by her whole oversized look. Although following trends is perhaps the simplest way to get fashionable, she advised her readers to keep in mind that current trends are worth experimenting. Creating a very distinctive style does not mean to copy others, but instead to adapt them to our personal sense of style. Like Olivia, she adapted the oversized style with simple, cozy, and sporty ensembles.

The key to nailing the oversized style is to wear it over sexy, tight, and polished clothes since the contrasting silhouettes make an interesting look and balance the disproportional feel. For instance, going oversized on top and barely there at the bottom is a good idea as well as wearing heels with oversized dress that will make you look more lithe than dumpy. Also, wearing an oversized dress and cinching it in at the waist with a skinny belt makes the look sexier and feminine as you won’t look as if you are drowning in voluminous fabric.

navy oversized sweater

oversized beige sweater white oversized sweater oversized sweater and distressed denim jeans

Oversized sweater is extremely cozy but slightly baggy so wear some basic, feminine, and stylish combinations to balance the exaggerated looks. Balance the look by staying fitted such as wearing a structured coat over a slouchy sweater or donning fitted pants with a baggy sweater. Wearing more than one loose fit garment will make you look heavier and undone. If you want to sport distressed denim jeans or loose boyfriend jeans, stick to feminine pieces like classic pumps or feminine shoes to keep the balance.

beige oversized jacket black oversized jacket oversized jacket

When sporting an oversized jacket, you have the option to keep it oversized or sexy. Like Olivia, you may wear an oversized jacket over an oversized button shirt left not tucked worn with boyfriend jeans cuffed – or even an oversized sleeveless jacket with an oversized sweater worn with loose skirt and knee-high boots. For a sexy look to show off your sexy legs, wear your oversized jacket with miniskirt and stiletto boots.

oversized coat and boots pink coat with white skirt oversized pink coat oversized coat navy

Oversized coat looks surprisingly modern as long as you keep your accessories on the more delicate side. Whether you prefer cashmere, fur, wool, or leather, it all comes down to balancing out proportions by right styling to make the look works. You may determine the shoulder seam length like no more than 2 inches below your actual shoulder – it can be oversized but still fit you at the shoulder. Just remember, the boxier the coat is the more fitted the rest of your outfit should be to keep the polish look. There are different colors, designs, and styles of oversized coats available out there. For a classic style, go for the timeless neutrals such as brown, black, gray, white, navy and such as well as suede or leather style. For a modern and romantic style, you may copy Olivia’s looks by opting for a touch of pastel pink and candy colored coats. Just keep the look sleek-and-tailored and smart-and-simple by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral.

oversized suit white oversized suit

The same rule applies to oversized suits that oversized should be paired with well-fitted outfit underneath. Like Olivia, you may wear a pair of fitting pants or a fitted button down shirt half tucked. Opt for classic colors and prints to bring interest to your style. You could pair your coat with a single color head-to-toe prints or vice versa.

oversized black pants oversized pants with sneakers

If you’re wearing loose palazzo pants, you might have picked your tallest heels and a cropped top. While that style always looks great, Olivia creatively paired her loose pants with button-down shirt worn with slip-on sandals and with oversized coat worn with sneakers.

cropped leather jacket fitted denim jacket over oversized sweater dress fitted suit over oversized button down shirt denim jacket over oversized dress oversized gray shawl

Whatever the oversized piece may be, the rule of looking polished in nailing the oversized pieces is to wear them with tight, sexy, and polished clothing. A cropped leather jacket, a structured denim jacket, a sleek suit, and a neat coat will always look fantastic when paired with anything oversized.

Since oversized pieces are a trend and style to adapt, play with proportions and balance and nail the stunning oversized style with unique items from your wardrobe.



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