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Okay… Black Friday Isn’t Over YET

I know in my previous Black Friday post I stated that I only picked up a couple of things, but then I actually got some money from a relative for Thanksgiving (Why, I have no idea.. it’s my grandma, she gives money out like no bodies business) so I decided to take a quick trip over to Forever 21, and ended up visiting Sephora, Target and Bath and Body Works as well!

I only spent 70 dollars, which is great because I did get some really cute things!
I’m going to show you pictures from the websites, because I cannot find my camera for the life of me! I need to clean! ๐Ÿ™‚

FOREVER 211-black-blazer



First thing I picked up was this gorgeous black blazer. This was $24.80
I love blazers, they are absolutely in at the moment, and they are so easy to accessorize for an amazing outfit. I can’t wait to wear this!2-black-pumps


Next item I picked up were these gorgeous black pumps. They are sort of like a mix between suede with leather detailing. They have the adorable leopard print inside (I really want leopard print shoes! Let me know if you know any places that sell them for a cheap price!)
These were $15.50 and they have about a 3.5 inch-4 inch heel.3-winter-cap



Last thing I got from Forever 21 is this winter cap in ‘Oatmeal’. I saw this in Bethany’s (MACbarbie07) winter fashion video, and she looked adorable in it, so of course I was sold on this before I even got to Forever 21!
This was only $3 and is available in black as well.



First thing I picked up here is one of their 3 wick candles (which are massive) in ‘Evergreen’. I got this is a gift for my Mother for Christmas. She loves any kind of woodsy, pine or evergreen scent, so I hope she doesn’t read this post!5-Leaves-candle

Next thing I got was the famous ‘Leaves’ candle. Everyone is right when they say that this candle is a must-have. I only picked it up because of the amazing 2 for $20 sale that B&BW was having today, because these candles are normally $20 each!

This is a gorgeous fall, spicy, fruity scent. I can’t even explain how amazing it is. You need to check it out!



I picked up one of the large plastic cosmetic bags.
I needed a new makeup bag that was a decent size.
I’m going on vacation in December for 2 weeks and I really can’t fit everything I want to bring in my little pencil case size makeup bags.
I also need a wide variety of makeup when I go to IMATS NYC! ๐Ÿ™‚
This was only $14.00





From Target I got this black vest from Merona. It’s a reversible vest with red on the inside. I would probably never wear it on the red side, but I really love the black. I think I cozy black vest is a must-have. Especially for winter shopping trips and casual looks.
This was $7.50

I also got a few other Christmas presents for people on my shopping travels, but I won’t bore you with all of those!

Happy Holidays!