OCC Lip Tar Gift Sets: Review

HI Girls, here is my OCC Lip Tar Gift Sets: Review, Photos, Swatches :

Before you say anything, I do realize that I am probably the last beauty junkie on the face of the planet to try OCC lip tars.  I kept going to the website to pick out the colors I wanted to try but I could never narrow it down to a number that I could actually afford.  So when I got an email from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics stating that they had two holiday gift sets, I took the plunge.  The most-loved (i.e. most wearable) and most-useful (i.e. mixing basics) shades pre-packaged and on sale?!  It’s an indecisive beauty junkie’s dream.  So of course, I ordered them both.  I am now the proud owner of 10 shades of OCC lip tar and I’m going to swatch them for you in all their glory because, honestly, who doesn’t want to see me with scary smurfette lips?

I must say, I love these for their flexibility and incredible pigmentation, but lip liner is an absolute must to keep them looking neat (I didn’t use liner in the photos below to avoid affecting the colors and you can see how unfinished the edges look).  You’ll want to be sure to use a lip brush with these because it helps spread the tiny amount of product that you need to cover the lips.  And a good brush cleaner (I like Parian Spirit) will help get the product off the brush.  Many people say these are very long-wearing and I think that statement is misleading. Be aware that the lip tar is going to transfer heavily onto anything and everything it touches, but due to the heavy pigmentation, your lips will still have plenty of color.  The brighter colors also stain a bit, so although I think these are fantastic for personal use and photo shoots, they’re not good for brides unless the groom is willing to have NSFW-colored lips after the big kiss (and likely for the rest of the day due to staining issues)!

On to the swatches!
OCC Lip Tar Gift Sets Review

Hush, Memento, Grandma, Anime, NSFW

OCC Lip Tar Review

Feathered, Traffic, RX, Stalker, Tarred

feathered lip tar review


hush  lip tar review


memento  lip tar review


grandma lip tar review


traffic  lip tar review



anime  lip tar review


nsfw  lip tar review


stalker  lip tar review


rx  lip tar review


black tarred  lip tar review