NYX Studio Liquid Liner Review

NYX Studio Liquid Liner- Extreme Black

I fancied a change from my cream eyeliners and decided to go back to a liquid liner for a little while. I was looking on ebay and seen this eyeliner from NYX. I have never used NYX before, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Here’s the description from the NYX website.

This highly pigmented liquid liner provides bold, intense color to emphasize the eye. The thin brush allows precise application and clean lines. A perfect way to create thin or thick lines for any eye look!

NYX Studio Liquid Liner Review

So, the brush is perfectly thin- how I like eyeliner brushes and it does create precise thin lines as well as thick lines. The brush is firm but is still flexible enough to apply your liner without the tip spreading and the product going all over the place. I do agree that you can create clean precise lines with this brush. It is a really good brush, better than a lot of brushes that you get with liquid liners!
NYX Studio Liquid Liner Swatch

On the product itself (you can’t see it on the picture), it does say ‘Dramatic Color Payoff’. I can say that this liner is extremely pigmented and the colour is a very intense black! Therefore, you can create a bold eye look that really stands out.

NYX Studio Liquid Liner Here to Go

The product applied!
It’s such a fab eyeliner


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