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Nyx Cosmetics Super Skinny Eye Marker Carbon Black

Nyx Cosmetics Super Skinny Eye Marker Carbon Black review and swatches :

If you want the perfect cat eye then you need this marker. It doesn’t smudge well at all so for the smokey eye this isn’t the product for you. You can get the fat one or skinny one and since I’m on a mad hunt to be skinny I went with the skinny one. 🙂 I can’t wait to try the fat one too though, just in the marker of course.Nyx-Cosmetics-Super-Skinny-Eye-Marker-Carbon-Black

This product is great for anyone wanting to achieve the perfect cat eye or just winged out eye look (wait, isn’t that the same thing???….oh well) Anyway on to the review….it doesn’t dry that fast so you can fix a mistake if you’re like any human being and make them from time to time but it dries quick enough where you don’t have to be so careful for a long time hoping it doesn’t smudge or get all over your eyelid.Nyx-Cosmetics-Super-Skinny-Eye-Marker-Carbon-Black-review

It goes over shadows very well and doesn’t dry out in the tube fast at all. This is literally like a marker for your eyes…..I really feel at this moment right now that I need to express that you should never try to use a sharpie or any other marker type thing around your eyes. You should only use products made for your eyes…..OK sorry that was the mommy in me coming out.Nyx-Super-Skinny-Eye-Marker-Carbon-Black-swatch

I use Nyx Super Skinny Eye Marker  in Carbon Black  quite a bit for everyday black liner if I’m not doing a smokey eye because it brings just enough drama to your face without going overboard, especially if your going with very natural eye shadows. The point at the end is great for reaching the inner corner with a very fine line.Nyx-Super-Skinny-Eye-Marker-Carbon-Black-eye-swatch

The average price is around $8 I believe, I think I paid around $8 for mine at Ulta.Nyx-Super-Skinny-Eye-Marker-Carbon-Black-eyeliner

So that’s it! I really like this liquid eyeliner, it lasts, it has a very fine point for precision, it washes off well, it’s got a good price on it, and it’s by NYX so you know you can’t go wrong with that right? (I love NYX products). Have you tried Nyx Cosmetics Super Skinny Eye Marker in Carbon Black ? Do you love it or hate it? I wanna know 🙂

Be blessed beauties!