NYC Individual Eyes Compact in Dark Shadows Review, Swatches

Hey Everyone!!!
I am totally loving my Beauty Blogger VoxBox from Influenster, and since this box was full of beauty products I am going to be reviewing them all!!! Today I decided to use the NYC New York Color Individual Eyes Custom Compact in Dark Shadows, this palette was labeled as Limited Edition so that was a nice plus!

NYC Individual Eyes Compact in Dark Shadows

NYC Individual Eyes Compact in Dark Shadows-back

First Impressions:
The palette is small and compact so it perfect for a makeup bag or keeping in your purse for touch ups without compromising the size of the shadow products inside. This palette comes with primer and an illuminator as well, which is nice since it means you have everything you need right in one place. Very smart packaging. The colors don’t have names, they are just labeled as “crease”, “highlighter”, etc but the shades range from white to gray and silver and black. They all seem to be shimmer shadows, I don’t like too much shimmer in one eye look so I wish they had included at least one matte shade in here, and I hope the other palettes do.

NYC Individual Eyes Compact in Dark Shadows-swatches

Primer, Highlighter, Lightest to Darkest Shadows (no names)

The eye shadows themselves are fairly pigmented, they could be more so but I find them to be soft and silky as opposed to thick and chalky like most cheap eye shadows are, but there is a bit of fall out with these. The primer is the worst part of the entire package, it goes on nice and smooth but then dries kind of chalky and turns a weird color. I wouldn’t use this as a primer more as a base to make the colors pop more. The illuminator seems kind of out of place and I couldn’t exactly figure out it’s purpose on my eyes, according to the back of the palette you should mix it with the shadows to create new colors, or to use as a vibrant highlight on the browbone. I didn’t really like it mixed with the eyeshadows but I did mix some into my foundation for a dewy skin look and I loved it! I also used a dab in the middle of my bottom lip or on my cheeks for highlighting. It’s a really great highlighter but it really doesn’t belong in the palette, another eye shadow shade would suffice much better.

NYC Individual Eyes Compact in Dark Shadows-when apllied

The colors are so similar they just blend right into each other

These colors are perfect for a traditional smokey eye, but they also include a little tutorial on the back on how to use them. I did not like using the colors together though, they looked muddled and too shimmery when used all together. I would use only one color at a time from this palette unless you want to look like a disco ball, it’s more geared towards teens I think and as an older woman it’s not to my taste but like I said, I just use one color at a time as opposed to all of them at once. All in all, I think I really would have loved these shadows had I gotten them in different colors, but in terms of quality these shadows are definitely up to par with other higher priced drug store brands! You can see all the products and different palettes they offer by visiting their website.

*I received this product free to try and test for being a part of Influenster, all opinions here are my own and I was not required to write this review.