Nude brougues

Brogues. They’ve been trendy for several seasons now, but I always dismissed them because I didn’t “do” masculine-meets-feminine. When I found out that this month’s challenge was to style a pair of Schuh brogues, I had no idea what to pair them with! They arrived on my birthday, over a month ago, and after putting on my birthday outfit I thought I would just try them on. And lo and behold, I was able to incorporate brogues into my girly, sequin-encrusted outfit!







I’ve lost a leg!






Doing something silly, as usual


IMG_2406 IMG_2412




Wearing Schuh pale pink mel lace brogues, Oasis sequin skirt,

True Decadence top

I thought the other Take10 girls styled these shoes in such varied and interesting ways. I particularly loved the way a few of them wore them with skirts, demonstrating that brogues can easily be incorporated into a feminine outfit! I’ll definitely be wearing these again.



Clockwise from top: MJ, Leia, SabineSarahSaskiaShiniJenSherinVickiAdele

Sadly this is my last Take10 challenge because I will no longer be living in the UK! But a really fantastic, fashionable girl is taking my place, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

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