November Glossy Box REVIEW

Before everyone gets into the good month/ bad month love/ hate Glossy Box thing I will throw my two pennies in.Here is my review of November Glossy Box !

I like getting a box each month which I will have no prior warning about the contents and which contains brands I would never in a million years have through to buy from myself. Yes I think things like throwing in a mini can of Batiste and giving out tiny perfume samples of the size you typically get for free at counters is foul play from a service that markets it’s as having ‘deluxe’ samples. Yes it pisses me off that the Glossy Dots system is still down as is the beauty profile (they keep saying it’s coming soon, their version of ‘soon is different to mine’) but damnit I still like the concept.

There. Now here is a picture of my cat. She likes boxes.

November Glossy Box

Firstly we have two 1 ml (don’t be fooled by the excessive cardboard, these suckers are almost invisible to the naked eye they are that small) samples of Serge Lutens perfume. One is L’Eau Serge Lutens and the other is Vitriol d’Olleillet. Both are apparently unisex fragrances and cost £86 for the 50ml bottle. I would love to tell you what these smell like but I am currently battling a bout of facial plague* and can’t smell anything.

November Glossy Box1

Next we have a 250g bag of Dead Sea Spa Magik Dead Sea Bath salts (full size 1kg for £5.50). I’m not as disappointed with this as many appear to be, I happen to like bath salts. Each to their own and you can’t please all the people all of the time. That being said if the full size is £5.50 then deluxe this is not.

November Glossy Box2

A cooling foot crème in November? Are you mad?! All my feet want right now are fluffy socks and hot water bottles. Well Glossy Box have decided otherwise and sent a 15ml sample of the Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Crème (full size 118ml at £19). I think this will have to wait until I’m not quite so chilly. And my lid won’t fasten properly on this. Hmm…

November Glossy Box3

Things are looking up with a set of Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps (worth £6.65). The leopard print isn’t something I would ordinarily pick for myself but then that is the point of the boxes. I’m pleased I will get to try these.

November Glossy Box4

And finally a Monu Skin Perfector which is actually a full sized product at 50ml. This usually costs £16.25 so it’s here that I think you see the value of the box. If it’s good then I will be very satisfied with this months box. There is only one small problem though and it’s me being thick. On the tube it says “To Use: Every morning after cleansing and toning. Provides a smooth base for makeup’. This makes me think it’s a primer. But the Monu site says use morning and evening. It talks about line smoothing technology with a soft focus effect then it waffles on about skin for a bit. Which is it? Primer or moisturiser? I need to know!

November Glossy Box5

Ok so this box was a little more miss than hit with me but I can’t deny that I was excited when the postie came up the stairs and I will (eventually) use everything in the box. Out of the 5 brands I had heard of 2 and tried none. For me that’s a good thing. I signed up to this to broaden my beauty horizons and to that end I think Glossy Box are doing pretty well x



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