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November Favorites

November is over already, and now we’re onto my second favorite month, DECEMBER.
It’s officially my favorite Holiday time!
So Happy Holiday’s to all of you, and I wish you the best!Let’s get on with my November Favorites!

1 Dark Deed by MAC
Dark Deed was from M.A.C’s Venomous Villians Collection
It’s a great dark red, that when blended out, can look really flattering on pale skin tones.
Very appropriate for fall!
2 Sephora's Eye Glitter
Sephora’s Eye Glitter is a glitter eye liner that you can apply to your lid to add a little something to you’re look.
It’s very pigmented, and looks amazing, especially on blue eyes!
This is also available in other colors as well!
3  Temptu Retouch Powder
4  Temptu Retouch Powder- RETRACTRABLE BRUSH
With a retractable brush, the Temptu Retouch Powder is a perfect travel touch-up tool.
Packed with translucent powder that comes through the brush when you press the button, it easily sets your makeup or absorbs excess oil on the go.
I absolutely love this product, I carry it in my purse all the time!
5 M.A.C's Studio Fix Powder
M.A.C’s Studio Fix Powder makes a great alternative to liquid foundation when you are looking to wear a little less makeup and give your skin a break.
I apply it with a sponge to give a more fuller coverage.
This is a little darker than what I am right now, but I’ve noticed that the powder isn’t as pigmented so it doesn’t matter if the shade is slightly off.
6 Benefit's Eye Bright
Benefit’s Eye Bright is an amazing highlighting pencil that you can use to highlight your brow bone, inner corner or under your eyes on top of your concealer.
This will brighten up your eyes to the point where it looks like you’ve got all the sleep you need!
With it being finals week, this has become my new best friend!
7 LORAC's Garnet Eye Shadow
LORAC’s Garnet Eye Shadow is a shimmery rusty red that looks really beautiful in the crease.
This is a great fall color, and looks fabulous on anyone.
8 Sephora's Peach Beige
Sephora’s Peach Beige makes a nice all over lid color, or as a highlight color when you are going for a more beige/copper look.
9 Benefit's Something About Sofia perfume
Lately I’ve been addicted to Benefit’s Something About Sofia perfume. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a great floral, fruity smell that just is completely intoxicating.
You won’t know what I mean until you go out and smell it 🙂
It’s extremely affordable at only $36 a bottle, and all the scents are absolutely divine!That’s all that I have for you for this month’s favorites!
I look forward to reading everyone’s November Favorites!
Leave the link to your November Favorites below so I can check them all out!