NOTD Rimmel Urban Purple Review

First things first, the shade name annoys me.  Because this, quite simply, isn’t purple.Here is my review NOTD Rimmel Urban Purple ! 

It’s slightly more purple toned than it appears in these pictures, admittedly, but of course the camera had a difficult time catching that what with purple being a beauty blogger’s nightmare to photograph.

Urban Purple is a safe shade though.  A rich, burgundy red cream that is pretty opaque in one coat and dries mega quickly.  Oh and it has that thick brush which is great when you have huge wide nails like me.  This is just one coat and for that reason it’s one of my favourites when you need to do your nails really quickly and head out.  That’s what I did before taking this pictures which is why application is a little messier than usual.  

NOTD Rimmel Urban Purple

It’s difficult to get excited about a shade like this and I don’t which is why I’ve had it for a year or more and not used it in a NOTD post but named it as one of my favourites shortly after starting the blog.  It gets loads of use but is a pretty dull shade, is that weird?  

Do you have a go to shade regardless of the lack of excitement?

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