Norm Core Essentials For a Basic but Stylish Wardrobe

Normcore is the new trend but if you’re not at all too excited about it, we understand. In a world where looks have become one of the most important things, it can be hard to just be basic. You want to look your best, you want to stand out, you want to be unique and being basic is not going to help you with any of that. Yet, there’s something about being simple – being basic – that makes it one of today’s hottest trends and norm core is exactly that. Contrary to popular belief, norm core can be and is quite chic. With the right pieces, you can achieve gorgeous looks. Here are some norm core essentials for a basic but stylish wardrobe.

  • T – SHIRT – can it get any more basic than this? A white shirt is something everyone has but not everyone wears. If you’re into normcore (or planning to get into it), though, it’s considered an indispensible piece. Wear your white shirt on its own for a pure and minimalistic look or wear it with an outerwear on colder days for comfort and a bit more of the layered look without going out of the basic zone. You can also spice up your look a tad and go for a tee in another color as long as it’s not too loud or bright.

gray shirt outfit

basic white shirt norm core shirt

  • JEANS – go classic with regular blue jeans or a little more street style-ish with boyfriend jeans. Embellished and ornate ones are a no-no because that would take away from the simplicity of the look. If you want to style it up a bit, you can go for the acid-bleached look or the ripped and distressed look. You can also go for cropped jeans if that’s your style.

jeans and sweater outfit light wash jeans cropped mom jeans

  • PLAIN SWEATER – another normcore wardrobe must have is a plain sweater. No prints, no patterns, no embellishments — no frill and no froufrou, just simple, crew neck sweaters in plain solid colors. These are great if you don’t want to layer on colder days as the sweater is warm enough, even on its own.

plain sweater crew neck sweater outfit simple tan sweater

  • WHITE SNEAKERS – whether they’re Converse-style ones or simple slip-ons, a pair of white sneakers is another must if you’re going for the normcore look. White sneakers are great for mixing and matching, not just for different normcore outfits but for various different looks as well. Don’t stress out about keeping them nice and white, the more beat up they look, the more norm core-y they get.

white sneakers outfit white sneakers normcore chic white converse sneakers

  • BIRKENSTOCKS – Birks are back and they’re one of norm core’s biggest must-haves. Wear them with socks if you want to go all out or on their own with jeans or shorts if you just want to get that basic casual look.

black birks denim and birkenstocks plain black birkenstocks

What else is in your wardrobe that would go nicely with the normcore trend? Tell us in the comments below!


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