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Non Damaging Ways to Style Summer Hair

The heat of the summer sun is already damaging on its own so just imagine what styling with various products and tools can do to it. I personally don’t like damaging my hair too much just because I find that bringing it back to life is a lot harder than anything else so I try to always look for ways to protect it and keep it healthy. Save for, of course, the inevitable occasional styling. Anyway, if you’re anything like me or even if you have just seriously contemplated about taking the health of your hair seriously, check out these non damaging ways to style summer hair.

  • LOOSE UPDOs – loose updos are not only chic, they’re the best kind of quick and easy hairstyles to go as well. They keep your locks looking effortlessly chic without taking so much effort from you. The great thing about loose updos is that you literally don’t have to worry about tools and stuff. As long as you have a hair tie (you don’t even need a comb if you don’t have one ready), you can put your hair up in one.

loose updo for red carpet

loose updo

  • NO HEAT WAVES / CURLS – there are lots of ways to achieve waves and curls without using heat styling tools and some take longer than the others so use the one that fits into your lifestyle. I personally love overnighters that require me to do what needs to be done the night before so that when I take it off by morning it’s ready to go.

no heat glam hair no heat waves

  • MAKE THE MOST OUT OF HAIR ACCESSORIES – hair accessories are the best when it comes to making your hair look cute and pretty without having to pull on them or apply heat. Grab a headband, slick your hair back and you can be on your way in less than a minute. If you want something more chic and summery, a hair crown might just do the trick. Hats are great, too. They provide protection from the sun while adding some serious street style creds to your look.

accessorized with hair clips accessorized with hair chain

  • STYLE WITH SALT – another style that I like to do is simply texturizing my hair with a salt spray. You can DIY your own spray or you can buy a commercial spray. My favorite one is from Bumble and Bumble which you can buy here. Just spray some on, scrunch it up and add a hair accessory of your choice or leave it like it is for instant chic surfer girl hair.

surfer status hair surfer hair

  • BRAIDS – braids are great protective hairstyles for the hair, especially during summer. Try a braided updo for a nice and clean look or a half updo if you don’t like having all your hair up. Make sure that your braids aren’t too tight so they don’t pull on your hair too much.

braided hair for summer braids for summer