New York Fashion Week Styles to Wear Right Now

Most New York Fashion Week Styles are unwearable, but there are some that you can take to the streets right now! Here are some trend inspirations – straight from the runways – that you should consider for this week’s outfits.


Although crochet is for the summer and spring, it is one of the New York fashion week styles that you can wear at the start of winter. It’s just a matter of picking thick, warming crochet outfits. It can be your basic layer, or it can be an additional outerwear. You can mix and match it up with your winter outfits and create a look that is reminiscent of the NYFW!

black crochet dress

nyfw crochet crochet top


If you are looking for New York fashion week styles that you can take to your nighttime events, then go for fringe. This trend – reminiscent of the 20’s flapper era – can help you look good whenever, wherever. Although it’s more appropriate for gala events, you can wear it during the day by pairing it with casual, laidback outfits. Remember that fringe is not just reserved for clothes, as you can channel the look through your boots and purses as well.

fringe skirt white fringe skirt black fringe skirt

Off-Shoulder Outfits

Exposing your shoulders might be a summer/spring thing, but you can achieve it this winter as well. In fact, it is one of the unique New York fashion week styles to try out. While you can wear it liberally in school or at the office, remember to bundle up when going outside. Sometimes, you really have to sacrifice your comfort in order to achieve the sophisticated New York fashion week styles.

white off shoulder top outfit white off shoulder top orange off shoulder dress

Print Blocking Outfits

Color blocking has been the essence of most spring and summer outfits. But for this cold season, a trend you should consider is print blocking. This is one of the best New York fashion week styles that can liven up your dreary outfit. Whenever you feel sad – or it’s just gloomy outside – you can always feel better and more vibrant with a print blocked outfit.

print blocked outfit printblocked outfit colorblocked prints

Hipster Outfits

Hipster outfits were very hot in the past few seasons, and it looks like they are here to stay! A hipster-inspired outfit is one of the best New York fashion week styles to wear right now. What’s great about this style is that keeps you warm – and fashionable as well. Hipster outfits are all about layers, so if you want to stay nippy this winter, then you should try it out.

hipster outfit hipster dress hipster attire

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