New York Color Sun N Bronze Powder in Hamptons Radiance

New York Color Sun N Bronze Powder in Hamptons Radiance review and swatch :

New York Color makes bronzers that have different colors in one palette to create a more realistic-looking tan for your skin tone. Their Sun ‘N’ Bronze line offers four shades to complement a wider variety of skin tones. I can be wary of certain drugstore bronzers, but New York Color has been a trustworthy brand that has definitely gotten me to repurchase their products time and time again. I’ve found that I can wear their bronzers all year round, despite my pale skin, because of their offered shades. Currently, I’ve been wearing Hamptons Radiance and I find it to be a subtle shimmer that brings warmth and a glow to my complexion.New-York-Color-Sun-N-Bronze-Powder-in-Hamptons-Radiance

The last bronzer that I purchased from this line was Fire Island Tan, which I found to be significantly darker than Hamptons Radiance. I prefer Hamptons Radiance because I feel that it blends into my skin much better and doesn’t have as much of an orange look to it. It brings out the pinks in my skin tone, which I think is much more flattering on me. I wear it on top of my foundation and make sure to blend it into my hairline for a realistic look. I’ve gotten many compliments on my ‘tan’, even though I try not to tan my face due to fears of skin cancer and sun damage to my skin. I use lots of sunscreen on my face when I go outside and use a foundation with SPF in it. So to create the look of being tan-faced, I just use a bit of this bronzer and it looks super realistic.New-York-Color-Sun-N-Bronze-Powder-Hamptons-Radiance
There isn’t anything that I can say bad about this New York Color Sun N Bronze Hamptons Radiance bronzer and I can only sing it’s praises. I use it every day and it’s so simple to apply. I use a loose powder blush and I’ve found that it hardly has any fallout, which means that I’m not wasting any of the product during application. I’ve also found that this product lasts such a long time. I still have my other New York Color bronzers that I’ve used throughout the year many times and they appear to have not been used at all. I was worried that since the bronzing strips are lined up next to each other, they would all blend together when I’d swipe my brush through them but that hasn’t been the case at all. I was just concerned that it would create an unattractive looking mix of powders in the container, which wouldn’t exactly make me want to wear it on my face. Fortunately, after numerous uses, the powders have still stayed in their strips and hardly blended together except when I mean to blend them on my face.New-York-Color-Sun-N-Bronze-Powder-in-Hamptons-Radiance-swatch
As you can see, Hamptons Radiance has more of a subtle colored shimmer than many other bronzers. I prefer this look since I like to look fresh-faced and I dislike cakey makeup. It adds a bit of a glow to my skin and completes my entire makeup look. I will definitely be repurchasing New York Color Sun N Bronze Powder in Hamptons Radiance  and I think that I might even be able to wear this specific shade all year long.
New York Color Sun ‘N’ Bronze Powder in ‘Hamptons Radiance’ sells for $4.99 in most drugstores. 

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