New Looks to Try to Spice Up Your Style

Figuring out your own personal style and mastering it can be really helpful and can save you lots of time and money as well. Sometimes, though, when you do the same style / look over and over again, it tends to get boring and look dull and you’d sometimes find yourself in a style rut. Changing things up and adding a twist to your look is important to keep your style updated. You don’t have to always follow the latest trends; simply wearing mixing and matching a few pieces and maybe adding one or two new things to the mix is enough to give your look a fresh new vibe. Here are some ideas on new looks to try to spice up your style.

  • SNEAKERS WITH EVERYTHING – and by everything, we mean everything including shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, pajamas and whatever else you have in your closet. Doing this gives your outfit a bit of a sporty / athletic vibe without going over the top or taking away much of the girly / dainty look. It’s also a great look to sport when you just know you’ll have a busy day ahead with lots of walking and running to do.

sneakers winter style

sneakers and tulle skirt sneakers and shorts sneakers and shift dress

  • GIVE CUTOUTS A TRY – clothes with cutout details can be super sexy and this might overwhelm you and get you thinking that they’re made for nighttime outfits but you can definitely make it work for a day to day outfit by covering up with layers. Pick a cutout dress that reveals your strongest assets. If, for example, you have a sexy, perfectly curved waist then by all means go for a dress with cutout waist details to reveal it.

cutout maxi dress cutout dress details cutout dress blake lively cutout denim shirt

  • BORROW FROM THE BOYS – you like embracing your dainty, girly style, we get it. Sometimes, though, doing something out of the box is just what you need to spice up your style. Keep with the feminine look but add something that’s ‘borrowed from the boys’ to give your look just the littlest bit of that tomboy edge.

menswear inspired look menswear inspired outfit menswear inspired soft silhouette menswear inspired suspenders

  • SHEER SOPHISTICATION – adding something sheer to your look is a great way to add a playful touch to your outfit. It doesn’t have to be a full on sheer blouse with nothing but a cami underneath if you’re not comfy with that. It can be as simple and subtle as a few sheer panels on a dress or any other piece of clothing item.

sheer kim kardashian top sheer lace blouse sheer red top sheer top outfit

  • GO RETRO – the retro / vintage look is something that you just know will never get old. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous today, why not throw in a bit of a retro vibe in to your look? Go for a shabby chic theme if you want to keep your look dainty and girly or just go all out on the bright and bold colors in full retro fashion.

retro taylor swift retro fab look retro black red and whiter retro barbie look

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