New In My Closet: Sarada Pumps from JustFab!

I hope you all are having a fantastic Monday, because I know I sure am!
I knew it was going to be a fantastic day the second I saw the postman in my driveway!
I had a bright idea to start a new series – and I want to share it with you of course!
I know that sometimes hauls can be overwhelming, and they aren’t always everyone’s favorite.
Often times bloggers are just photographing or videotaping a new item they have with a short snippet of information and that’s it.
I want to break the mold!
 I’m starting a new series on my website called “New in my Closet” – where I will show you the new pieces I’m getting in action! Not just hey I bought this, but hey I got this, and this is the scoop!
I will also be doing this with beauty items, but with a different title, and that will be more along the lines of a one or two product review instead of just overloading with pictures of random items.
I feel like this is definitely a wonderful way to be creative and to really amp up my website.
Let me know how you like these new posts!
So today we are talking about my new guilty pleasure : JUSTFAB!
I had heard about this site FOREVER, but I am just not a fan of monthly subscription sites, and that’s how I’ve always been. So I thought I would do the routine and try this site out, and I absolutely love it. Not only do you pick what you want, but you aren’t getting a bunch of crappy samples or cheap quality items!
And you can buy as much as your little heart desires ladies 🙂
1 just fabulous shoes
So what did I find from JustFab…
2 shoes by just fab
None other than this GORGEOUS pair of shoes!
These are the ‘Sarada’ Wedges – absolutely stunning.
But I am not going to lie – they are going to take some practice for those of us who are not skilled in the 6 inch + heels!
My husband is only a couple of inches taller than I am, so I don’t wear gigantic heels often, so I was a little out of practice. I stumbled a bit around my house for sure!
3 when wore back view
The Sarada Wedges have a six inch heel – with a platform that makes them much easier to walk in. The platform also allows more comfort when wearing the shoe. If your shoe was a six inch heel with no platform, your foot would be bent to a very uncomfortable angle.

4 Sarada Wedges-side view

5 one foot front view

6 front view

7 just fab shoes sarada wedges


 Overall, I am already planning more outfits to pair these with. I feel absolutely in love with these pumps, and I won’t hesitate to look into more pairs of shoes from JustFab.
Shipping was incredibly fast, and the shoes seem like they have a quality good enough to last me a long time!
So have I got you curious about the Sarada’s? Or perhaps another pair has your eye…
8 7 shoes sarada wedges- just fab
Photo shoot courtesy of my lovely husband, Eric! 🙂

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