New Hair Splat Live Hair Color Kit Review

Hey Fellas, Here is my new New Hair Splat Live Hair Color Kit Review.

Today I am back with a post about my hair. As some of you may already know I had really dark brown hair however, last week I decided I wanted to go red! I didn’t know how I would do this but thought I would give it a go myself so I went to Boots and bought 2 boxes of Live Color XXL from Schwarzkopf. I’m not 100% sure what the name of the shade of red was but I popped into Terry Sales also and bought Crazy Color in the shade called Fire also.

When I got home I applied the two boxes of Live Color XXL to my hair, I needed two boxes because I have loads of hair, when I was it out I then applied the Crazy Colour which is a semi permanent hair dye, I left that in for about 15 minutes and then washed it out, hoping I would get the result I wanted!

Well it all went terribly wrong! My roots and scalp due to the Crazy Colour were bright red and the ends of my hair were still dark, it looked hideous! So I washed my hair loads of times to try strip the color a little.

New Hair Splat Hair Color Review

I didn’t know what to do until a friend recommended a new brand of hair dye to one of the local pharmacy’s in my town. The brand of dye is called ‘Splat’. She said she used it recently and it worked really well for her. When using Splay it involves bleaching your hair which I was a little scared to do because I have never fully bleached my hair before let alone do it myself but I thought why not I would give it a go.

So yesterday I went to my local pharmacy and bought two boxes of Splat hair dye in the shade Luscious Raspberries.

Splat Complete Color Kits include – Splat lightning bleach and Splat oxide. Splat hair color, gloves and easy instructions to follow. For one of these kit’s in cost 7.99 but I had to buy two because I have so much hair.

To start off after I had read the instructions etc I applied the Splat bleach and oxide to my hair, I had to leave this in my hair for 60 minutes. This made my hair turn a sort of ginger color. I then rinsed this and washed my hair with normal shampoo. After I had washed my hair I then dried it throughly. When my hair was fully dry I then applied the Splat Color to my hair and left this in my hair for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes I washed the Splat Color out of my hair and dry and styled my hair as normal.

This is the color I achieved by using Splat hair dye from being dark brown! I’m really happy with the color and the way this turned out! Some of the underneath of my hair stayed dark but blended really well in with the red. I think in a couple of weeks I will use the complete kit again to try get it even more red!

Let me know what you think of my new hair color!

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