New and Exciting Style Tips for Women

Each and every one of us has our favorite tops, jeans, and dresses. While you might favor some pieces over the others – know that wearing them time and time again can make you look dull, or worse, unfashionable. Spruce up your look – without forsaking your favorite outfits – with these new and exciting style tips for women.


Do it yourself is applicable to many things, be it touring another country or installing a new kitchen cupboard. It also applies to style tips for women. If you are devoted with a certain blazer or trousers, you can work around these pieces by creating a DIY pantsuit. Assemble a look according to your favorite pieces to create a suit that beats anything made by an expensive tailor.

black and white pantsuit

DIY black pantsuit olivia palermo white pantsuit

It’s All About Layers

Layering is one of the many style tips for women that work with whatever season. However, if you want to go beyond the usual layering tricks, then why not wear a skirt over your favorite dress? It can add texture and dimension to your favorite pieces. Most importantly, it can help you create a new look with the use of your tried-and-tested outfits.

white skirt over printed dress mini skirt over dress

Wear your Robe Outside

Maybe you have a bathrobe or a sleeping robe that you love so much. With that being said, there is no reason why you should not use it outside! This is one of the most eccentric style tips for women, but it surprisingly works! Wear your favorite outfit underneath and layer it with a cool robe. You’ll surely draw some oohs and aahs once they see you at the office!

blue robe coat robe coat

Belt it

A belt can do wonders for you, that is why it is an integral part of most style tips for women. If you are head over heels in love with a certain jacket, then do dress it a different way by wearing it with a belt. Not only will it upgrade your look, the belt can cinch your waist and make you look a lot sexier!

belted blazer belted plaid jacket

Single is Good

Scarves are perfect for the cold seasons, but you can style them in ways that make them appropriate for the summertime. One of the style tips for women to follow fixing your scarf in a single tie. That means tying it around just once around your neck, whilst letting the ends hang loose. This is one of the best style tips for women to follow, as it can add drama and elegance to any simple outfit.

skinny scarf black skinny scarf

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