I’ve been dying for a more natural eye makeup look for a while. I’ve had my winged liner on for the past five eyars, and while it’s nice, sometimes it’s a bit much for everyday wear.Here is my review of NATURAL EYE MAKE-UPĀ  !

I’ve tried everything – from going without eye makeup, to just mascara, eyeshadow, eyeshadwo and mascara, but nothing looked… right, without those wings.

Well, today I’m here to tell you I’ve found a solution. It’s not the most perfect, ideal situation in the world, but my, it does work.

Two words:

Brown. Eyeliner.


WHAT?! I hear you cry. Well, I thought that too, but my sister picked up this Collection liner by accident and gave me it, so after using it on the water line and realising how nice the colour was, I thought, there’s nothing to lose by trying to use this to draw my wings. And it’s just perfect.

Applied with a Real Techniques brush (can’t remember the name exactly, but it’s the purple eyeliner one in the Starter Kit), the line is just fine enough to be suitable for everyday wear, and the brown isn’t as harsh as black against my pale skin. It actually looks alright with black mascara too, although I have a feeling this look would be perfected by brown (which I don’t curerntly own so I’ll pass until I find one I like.)

Do you have an everyday, natural look I could try o

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