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NARS Liberté and Outlaw Blush

Hey Beauties,
I thought I’ve got a couple blushers from NARS to show you so instead of doing them seperately, I thought I’d do them together.  Two birds and all that…  So without further ado, I introduce you to NARS Liberté and Outlaw blush.

NARS-Liberté- Blush (2)

NARS-Liberté-Blush-b NARS-Liberté-Blush

Liberté blush is from the Summer ’12 collection so I’m a little late to the party with this one but I picked it up the other day after all this time because I was working the OPI pop-up nail bar at John Lewis Oxford Street and we happened to be stationed right next to NARS which meant I just HAD to play with a few bits that I’ve ummed and aaaahed about for a while.  One of those was  Liberté because I wasn’t enamoured the first time I saw it but after swatching it a couple of days in a row and then trying it on my cheeks, I was most definitely enamoured! 

NARS-Liberté-Blush. NARS-Liberté-Blush-



Sometimes I forget that a lot of products look completely different on the skin after being applied with a brush than they do when swatched with fingers because the pigment is spread differently and brushes don’t compact powder like fingers can, because fingers have oils.  You’d think I’d know better since I’m always telling my clients to try colours on they like the look of because they look so different in application and feelings can often change after trying them on.  On to the colour…

NARS-Liberté- Blush


Liberté is quoted as being a “burnished apricot” and I can concur that.  The first time I saw it, I thought it was a little dark for a summer blush but it actually gives a great natural glow and is super flattering on my pale skin.  

NARS-Outlaw Blush NARS-Outlaw-Blush-


On to Outlaw.  This is the blush from the NARS Fall ’12 collection and I was really excited when I read that it is a “soft rose tone with golden shimmer”.  My favourite kind of tone!  It looks stunning in the pan. However, I initially had mixed feelings for this blush once I tried swatching it.  The texture is not what I was expecting at all, the texture felt a little dry and was hard to pick up on my finger to do a decent swatch.  So, since I had issues with my finger swatching again, I decided to use my blush brush to swatch it and the difference was quite discernible.  




The colour of Outlaw is lovely!  It’s a great deep rose tone that I think is really going to be quite flattering with darker lip shades and just a great colour for autumn/winter skin.  The gold shimmer isn’t obvious on the skin, nothing like Orgasm.  I think it stops Outlaw looking flat on the skin and offers more of a glow.  I think it sits well on my pale skin, albeit that I’ll be a little paler come winter but I don’t anticipate it being a problem for then either.

NARS-Outlaw  Blush

NARS Outlaw Blush NARS - Outlaw-Blush





So, what do you think?  Both of these babies are available on the NARS website and I think both should be available on counters too now?  I do love the new NARS website, it’s so much better to navigate and the products are featured really well making it easier to decide on my purchases.  Check it out!