NARS Fez Eyeshadow in Rediscovery photo and swatch

HI! Here is my  swatch , pics and review of Rediscovery – NARS Fez Eyeshadow

My new makeup rotation system seems to be going well, my favourite rediscovery last week was NARS Fez eyeshadow. I’ve owned Fez for a long time now but was always a little wary of it, thinking it was quite dark. Well, I was wrong!NARS Fez Eyeshadow in Rediscovery
Fez is a rich chocolate shade, perfect for the lid, crease, liner, you name it. It is very warm, but I also love to pair it with cooler toned shades. It’s not as dark as I imagined it was, but it’s definitely not light either. It’s midtone really, which I suppose adds to its versatility.NARS Fez Eyeshadow  Rediscovery
It’s really versatile. I used it quite a few times last week, my favourite way to wear it was smudged into my lower lash line with some black liner.NARS Fez Eyeshadow  Rediscovery swatch
I only took photographs wearing Fez once last week, for a look which it didn’t really feature in as the main product/colour/you get what I mean? Here it is nonetheless, worn in the outer lids and lower lash line. I wore it with a cooler, greyed shadow from a Bobbi Brown palette. Like I said earlier, I like to mix warm with cool, I’m sure not everyone does but that’s just me.NARS Fez Eyeshadow in Rediscovery photo
I wore it with peachy cheeks (MAC Redhead MSF) and nude-ish lips (MAC Underage lipglass mixed with something I forget the name of to remedy the corpse look I was sporting worn by itself).NARS Fez Eyeshadow  Rediscovery photo
I really urge all of you who might be in a similar situation like me – suffering from makeup overload – to really go through your collection and try to rediscover some items that have been lost in the stash abyss, it’s like shopping for free! On the other hand, if you don’t find anything worthy of a second chance, perhaps it’s time for a blog sale or some sort of cleanout, maybe a swap session with some friends or even makeupalley. They can be a bit of effort but I’m up for anything to whittle down the stockpile these days.

Do you have any recent rediscoveries? Can’t wait to see what I find this week!