Naked Vs Heaven & Earth palette

Hey dolls how are you? I wanted to share something with you, and I know I’m not the only person whose noticed it; There’s a serious contender for the coveted Urban Decay Naked Palette, and guess what? It will cost you a teeny tiny fraction of the price!Here is my review of Naked Vs Heaven & Earth !

Naked Vs Heaven & Earth

So for anyone who hasn’t got the Naked palette this will be like music to the ears because we all know how hard these things are to come by; Debenhams gets them in and they’re pretty much gone within the hour or less because it’s such a simple yet diverse palette with a range of shades that easily mean, for a lot of women, it’s all they need in their daily cosmetics bag. There are countless looks that can be created and pretty much every single colour complements one another; you can create a gorgeous Naked look with the matte shades; Virgin, Naked and Buck – very Office chic; or you can look to the other end of the palette to create a dramatic smokey eyes with Creep and Gunmetal

Naked Vs Heaven & Earth 1

The only downside is that it’s pricey! This little gem will set you back a hefty £32, which some may argue, is well worth considering there are 12 shades and an infinite amount of looks achievable. But not everyone can afford it, and I know how it feels to be in that group of people who so desperately want to jump on the naked bandwagon but who can’t because quite frankly the £32 is much more justified on a weekly food shop! Am I right or am I right!?!

So let me introduce you to MUA’s Heaven and Earth palette, which became an overnight success last Summer, with Superdrug selling out within minutes of receiving stock. Sound familiar? And since Superdrug are the exclusive retailers of MUA (who have just launched their own online shop btw) many of us were left waiting until the next batch arrived

Naked Vs Heaven & Earth 2

The reason why this was so heavily coveted is because it combines gorgeous earthy tones and beautiful ochres in 12 shades ranging from various nudes right through to deep browns. Granted it’s not quite as diverse as the Naked palette in that there are no charcoal shades to create that famous smokey eye, but you’re basically getting the same amount of very similar shades for FOUR WHOLE POUNDS!

So lets have a closer look shall we….

The swatches below clearly indicate the similarities between the 2 palettes in term of colour and pigment

Sin (left) & 3rd shade on bottom left (right)

Naked Vs Heaven & Earth 3

Sin has a slightly more pink undertone to it making it warmer whereas the H&E shade has silver undertones thus making it cooler. This is very a subtle difference however, and not really one I noticed until actually taking the swatch

Dark Horse (left) & 2nd shade on top right (centre) / 1st shade on bottom right (right)

Naked Vs Heaven & Earth 4

Dark Horse is a true brown with just a hint of shimmer whereas the 2nd shade on top right of H&E is a little more bronze with gold shimmer through it making it warmer and lighter. The 1st shade on bottom right of H&E is much more shimmery and golden. Both are similar enough at first glance but the swatch clearly shows the differences

Half Baked (left) & 1st shade on top right (centre) / 3rd shade on top right (right)

Naked Vs Heaven & Earth 5

Half Baked is a very cool golden shade with hints of rose whereas the 1st shade on top right is
more of an ochre colour. The 3rd shade on top right is ever so slightly darker than Half Baked but has that hint of rose

Sidecar (left) & 3rd shade on bottom right (right)

I love Sidecar, it’s such a good ‘all rounder’ in my opinion, and it has a beautiful golden rose shimmer to it. H&E’s 3rd from bottom right is almost exactly the same except its not as pigmented so more colour is needed to create the same effect

Buck (left) / Naked (centre) & 2nd shade on bottom left (right)

Naked Vs Heaven & Earth 6

Buck & Naked are 2 of the only 3 matte shades in the Naked palette; both are very earthy with Naked being lighter whereas the 2nd shade on bottom left of H&E lies somewhere between the two and has a very subtle shimmer to it, which was only apparent when swatching. At first glance I thought ‘Oooh that’s similar to Buck’ and then I put the two palettes together and thought ‘Actually, it’s more like Naked’, when swatched it’s definitely somewhere between the two

Overall, I think MUA’s Heaven & Earth palette is a fantastic dupe for the Naked palette and one of my fave Beauty bloggers Lisa at Brunette Beauty Banter did her own comparison with a look as well! Take a look and see if you can guess which eye was made up with which palette

Thanks for reading dolls

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