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Naked Care Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hi girls here is my Naked Care Shampoo & Conditioner Review!

Last year I made the swap to shampoos and conditioners that didn’t contain sulphates after my scalp turned into a red itchy nightmare, an extensive Google session made me realise I needed to go down a more natural route with my haircare.

Naked Shampoo & Conditioner

Well lets just say I became complacent when the Sulphate free products I was using were working, I figured my scalp was fixed up, I also found it really hard when not near a large Boots store to actually find haircare free of nasties so I began to try the TRESemmé lower sulphate range which was easily available at the supermarket.
My scalp was fine for a few months, it would only really feel irritated the longer I left it between washes, so again I made a big mistake and went back to my old favourite shampoo and conditioner which of course are full of everything my scalp hates.
A few weeks later I was back at stage one and feeling itchy and miserable, I sent a tweet out asking for sulphate free shampoo recommendations that weren’t going to break the bank, naked was a brand recommended to me more than once, not a brand I was familiar with I headed straight to the site to see that the were 97% natural and super cheap! I ordered the mild shampoo and gentle conditioner both for sensitive scalp both from the naked care range, both 250ml at £3.98 each.
I’ve been using them since May and I’ve got to admit it’s a love hate relationship! Both are the mildest haircare naked offer which means they are absolutely fantastic for an angry scalp, they contain Neroli essential oils, cotton seed and oatmeal which calm and sooth and cause no further irritation, after a few washes I had an incredibly happy scalp, they work which of course, is fab.
The only downside is that both me and Aaron (who was a complete sweetheart washing my hair when my hand was in a cast) found that the shampoo doesn’t behave like a normal shampoo, it’s hard to get it to lather up and we both  found ourselves using way more product than normally needed for my shoulder length locks.
I also felt like my hair needed a little more tangle teaser attention afterwards, I have very fine hair that only ever really gets in a tangle when I have a lazy day, don’t brush it, tie it up and leave it tied up when I go to sleep (it’s really no surprise it gets knotty on these days..).
It didn’t feel soft and sleek after washing it felt quiet the opposite but that is easily solved by running a little bit of oil through the ends, it’s a small price to pay for not clawing at my scalp every day.
I’m not going to make the mistake of going back to products that contain sulphates again but I do think the milder stuff has done it’s job in getting my scalp back to a condition that I can try other natural haircare products.

If you have any sulphate free haircare recommendations I’d love to hear them!