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NAKED palette by Urban Decay

NAKED palette by Urban Decay

Hello there!

So the thing is I can’t stop blogging as I have so much to show you all!! Also… I gained my first follower! Sounds pathetic but it means so much to me!! Thank you Adrienne 🙂 the only way is up from here!!

Anyway a while back I found Urban Decay’s NAKED palette when my boyfriend’s sister had it and wanted it immediately… but I looked for it on Ebay and all the listings were saying that the palette had sold out everywhere! I was absolutely devastated and thought I would have to pay nearly £50 to get my hands on one of these palettes. Everywhere online had sold out too… But I was shopping in Debenhams in Preston and there over by the Urban Decay counter was the NAKED palette… It’s mine for £35! The pack included the NAKED palette, a double ended eyeliner, ’24/7 Glide on Pencil’ in Whiskey and Zero and an eyeshadow primer which is really good for keeping your eyeshadow on I may add.

I love it and almost always use it to do my makeup when im going out… Because I have brown eyes all the colours go well with them. 

So here I have tried a couple colours for you to see…

NAKED-palette-by-Urban-Decay. NAKED-palette-by-Urban-Decay .
 The top two eyeshadows are Toasted and Hustle and the bottom two are Gunmetal and Creep.
 NAKED-palette-by-Urban-Decay- NAKED-palette-by-Urban-Decay a
First I used Toasted as a base on my eye lid. I brought it up slightly past the crease of my eye.
 NAKED-palette-by-Urban-Decay b
Then on the outer part of my eye I used Hustle to make it darker and more defined. I brought it up to half way of my eye lid so that on the other half of my eye lid, Toasted could still be seen.
 NAKED-palette-by-Urban-Decay c
Lastly I used the Brown eyeliner ‘Whiskey’ which came with the Palette to simply line near my lashes and under my bottom lashes too for extract subtle definition.
 NAKED-palette-by-Urban-Decay d NAKED-palette-by-Urban-Decay e
Here I used Gunmetal on the base of my eyelid. It is a very dark grey so you can apply more to get an even darker shade but here I only used a bit and that was plenty. Again I took it past the crease of my eye.
 NAKED-palette-by-Urban-Decay f
Secondly I used Creep on the outer part of my eye lid again and then lined near my lashes with the black eye liner ‘Zero’ that came with the palette.
 NAKED-palette-by-Urban-Decay g
Here are the two different eye makeups to compare…
 NAKED-palette-by-Urban-Decay h
And again with my eyes closed.
I would recommend this palette to anyone! It has so many usuable colours unlike some palettes where you feel like you can only use a few of the eyeshadows. It caters for everyday wear and evening wear. I will try to do a few more tutorials for you to see…