Naked Cosmetics Pigment Stack in “Sierra Nevada” Review and Swatches

Hi girls here is my Naked Cosmetics Pigment Stack in “Sierra Nevada” Review and Swatches!
Not tired + coffee and diet Pepsi + lots of makeup to play with = late night blogging.
While I was rifling through my stash, I noticed that I haven’t yet reviewed the Naked Cosmetics Pigment Stack that I picked up in Canada at IMATS!
I have really grown to love these pigments, and the next IMATS that I ever get the chance to go to, I would definitely pick up another stack.
1 Sierra Nevada NAKED
The set that I purchased is “Sierra Nevada”, one of their more neutral sets.
This set is comprised of six extremely finely milled pigments, one of which is very interesting.
Although the pigments stack together, if you pull them apart they each have a little code saying the set that they are from and a number to distinguish between the six. For example, the first shade in the stack is called #SN-01.
3 swatches
From the bottom of my arm:
#SN-06 – A matte, deep black
#SN-05 – A gorgeous copper bronze with a fine rose gold sheen
#SN-04 – A vibrant yellow based gold
#SN-03 – A brilliant silver with an almost periwinkle undertone
#SN-02 – A creamy highlight shade, very frosty
#SN-01 – The most interesting shade in the bunch, it is a shimmery opal that can be added to any Naked Pigment to add iridescence
Each of the shades can be mixed with water to be applied wet. Every color can be used as a liner, that is how vibrant they become when wet!
I definitely have my eye on a few other pigment stacks from Naked Cosmetics, however I will wait until IMATS for sure. Unless you have a Professional Discount through Naked Cosmetics, the pigment stacks will run you $60.00 USD a piece. If you wait until any IMATS that Naked is attending, the stacks usually run $30.00 USD a piece or 2 for $50.00.
Do you own any of the Naked Cosmetics Pigment Stacks?
What do you think of this set?