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Nailene Artificial Nail & Polish Remover Review

Hi girls here is my Nailene Artificial Nail & Polish Remover Review!

Here is the thing… I love having pretty painted nails, I am somewhat indifferent to painting them, and I absolutely HATE removing nail polish. I tend to use up quarter of a bottle of polish remover, 10 cotton pads and afterwards my jaw hurts because I am clenching my teeth so much.

So when I read about the likes of the Boujoirs Magic Nail Polish Remover (which of course is not available in Australia) I went on a hunt to find a polish remover in a pot. And I found one at Priceline: The Nailene Artificial Nail & Polish Remover.


Now, whilst this is in a pot it doesn’t actually have a sponge inside like other polish removers in a pot do. This one has little plastic bristles, which at first sight seems a bit intimidating.


But I’ll stop boring you now and I will show you photos of me taking off my Sally Hansen Grey:

After about 10 seconds of rubbing my finger up and down the bristles, not bad huh:



Effective? Yes!. However also very harsh on your nails and skin:



You can see how dry and white the skin around my nails has gone? After slapping on some hand cream everything went back to normal, but this stuff can’t be good for you long term.



The verdict is: the whole mechanism of sticking your fingers in a pot is pretty genius. This particular one is too harsh but to be fair it is actually marketed for artificial nails. I would definitely like to try a pot with a sponge, shall I ever find one. Until then I will keep using this one, because it is indeed very effective, quick, non messy, and very good for my jaw.  Once I have used it up I will refill it with some other more gentle nail polish remover and I am hoping I will get the best of both worlds Winking smile

This product retails for AUD 13.99