Nail Art Design Ideas to Spice Up Your Neutral Nails

Neutral nails are perfect for getting a very simple yet chic and sophisticated look but keeping them nude like that can get boring pretty quickly, too. When you think of nail art, you might think crazy designs, bright colors and bold patterns but actually, you can do nail art with your neutral nails too to give them a bit of personality. Here are some nail art design ideas to spice up your neutral nails.

  • SUBTLE SPARKLE – give your nails just a subtle hint of glam by adding sparkles on them using rhinestones, nail art faux gems, sequins or glitters. You don’t have to cover the whole nail. You can opt for an ombre design, you can do sparkles on just half of the nail or you can do an accent sparkle nail to blend in with the rest of your plain neutral nails.

subtle gold sparkles

subtle sparkle subtle sparkle accent nails

  • ALL NEUTRAL – neutral nails don’t always have to be nude, you know? You can mix and match different neutral colors like black, brown, nude and white to create awesome nail art designs. Geometric patterns are by far the easiest to do yet they look really intricate and interesting. You can also achieve animal print nails using just neutral colors.

neutral nail art neutral nails neutral on neutral

  • NEON ON NEUTRALS – give your neutral nails a dash of vibrant color by adding just a little bit of neon on there. It could be a simple stripe in the middle of your nails, on the tips, by the base – anywhere you like. Neutrals and neons balance each other out so they make a great nail art combo.

neon and neutral nail art neons and neutral nail art colors neons and neutrals

  • TIPS WITH A TWIST – the classic nude and white French tip may be a great go-to nail look but it tends to be really boring over time so why not get creative and do your tips with a twist? Some people like doing a reverse French tip, some like to play around with shapes on the tips, others like keeping the nude base and going for a bold tip color and there are also those who like to do cute patterns on the tips while having other neutral colors like black or white on their base.

tips with a golden twist tips with a mattified twist tips with a twist nail art

  • TEXTURE PLAY – another trick to making your neutral nails look less boring is to play around with textures. Aside from the usual glossy, satin and matte finishes, you can also add glitters, sequins of even 3D embellishments like beads or velvet fluff to your nails to add texture and interest to your nails.

texture play texture quilted nude nails


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