My (University) Room Tour

Happy Wednesday everyone! 🙂 I’ve had these photos of my room at University for a while now and have been meaning to write up this post, so without further ado here is a tour of my room at University! I live in a shared house so I love to decorate and organise my room, as it’s the only space that’s really mine. Obviously all of the furniture (apart from the dressing table) was here when I moved in, so isn’t the prettiest. But hopefully you’ll enjoy this post and the way I have decorated my bedroom none the less. Please excuse any mould and damp stains you might see (Uni houses come complete with them, I’m afraid).

My (University) Room

My (University) Room2

My (University) Room3

My (University) Room4

My (University) Room4 My (University) Room5

I’ve really fell in love with candles this year, I love burning them especially before bed as they make me feel so relaxed. Yankee candles ‘sweet cinnamon’ scent is my favourite candle (plus it hides the damp smell!)

My (University) Room6My (University) Room7My (University) Room8My (University) Room9My (University) Room11

My (University) Room12

My gorgeous Audrey Hepburn canvas, and my heart shaped Next frame which I need to fill with photos!

My (University) Room13My (University) Room14My (University) Room15

Yes, I am a 21 year old who still sleeps with teddies.

My (University) Room19

So there you have it! There’s a few things I didn’t show such as my wardrobe just because they either weren’t that interesting or pretty looking. But hopefully you enjoyed this post 🙂 I love room tours!