My Top 5 Mascaras Of All Time

When it comes to Mascara I am always on the ball, I think I’ve tried nearly every brand of mascara. I feel like eyes are my main focus when it comes to makeup. I love long thick lashes and feel they really make a difference to your look. From high end to drugstore there is a mascara for everyone. Weather you like add length, volume or both, you can find one for you. So today I decided I would post a blog on my top 5 favorite mascaras.


1. Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll

This is my go to mascara at the moment, Its a bit pricey but so worth it. It separates your lashes to give you a wide eyed effect. It makes the lashes appear multiplied and magnified. The brush has two sides, one side thick and spaced bristles coat the lashes and create volume. On the other side, fine and close bristles reach every lash including the smallest of lashes at the corner of the eye for a full fringe effect. This mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes.


2. Loreal Volume Million Lashes

This mascara is great for volume to give you that false lash effect. Although I do think this mascara is a bit pricey for a drugstore mascara I still absolutely love it. The brush for this has a multitude of bristles to give a fanned-out effect to the lashes. The excess wiper removes excess mascara which stops from overload and clumps. The brush has both long and short bristles to coat each and every lash from root to tip.


  3. Maybelline The Rocket Mascara

This is my all time favorite mascara from the drugstore. This mascara gives you the most beautiful effect to the lashes. This mascara gives you up to 8 times more volume. The brush has flex-fine bristles, although they claim this mascara does not clump I disagree, If I done over one coat it starts to clump but not too much. Although it clumps it gives the most beautiful effect.

4. Rimmel Scandal Eyes

This mascara is very similar to the Cover girl mascara, We do not have Cover girl in Ireland but While I was in America I tried it and loved it and was sad when I couldn’t repurchase it here, But this Rimmel mascara is near enough the same one just different brand. It gives the same effect as the cover girl. This mascara gives you an amazing cat eyed effect and curves the lashes perfectly.



5. Lancome Hypnose Star

 This mascara gives you intense volume. The dual sided brush leaves lashes looking volumised and curled. This mascara gives you a glamorous look and the curl holds all day. When I wear this mascara I always get asked Am I wearing fake eyelashes as this mascara gives your lashes a false lash effect. I tend to wear this one when Im going out on a night out as it gives you a dramatic look. This was my first ever high end mascara.
Shauna XO

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