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My summer skin care routine Review

Hello everyone, summer is here and UV Rays are very harmful we have to take good care of our skin in order to prevent severe damage, I thought I’d share my personal routine with you guys.Here is my review of My summer skin care routine !

My summer skin care routine

These are by far my favorite products since last year
lets talk about them one by one πŸ™‚

My summer skin care routine 2

POND’S perfect matte oil cleansing foam
Product Description:Β  This cleanser for oily skin is designed to work deep down and lift dirt, oil and make-up from your pores with specially-formulated mild and tine beads. Formulated with Anti-Oil Bio5 which is known to reduce the production of excess sebum, it makes your skin less vulnerable to oil related problems. Your skin feels instantly clean, refreshed, balanced, soft and smooth, with the longer lasting matte finish you dream of.

My Review: This product is amazing I call it a miracle for oily skin, although I am not that oily but nobody can take this heat even the combination skin type people tend to get too oily, it very much does all the things it claims, I use it twice everyday once in the morning and once in the afternoon or whenever i want to remove my makeup.
When you are washing your face with this product you will feel greasy but as soon as you rinse your face it givesΒ  this amazing freshness and glow, your skin will be so smooth and soft its not even funny and the matte finish lasts at least few hours. I personally love this product so much for summer and I recommend it to everyone who needs to get rid of the excess oil.Β  πŸ™‚
I bought Ponds last year for 95/- (the Indonesia made) and i repurchased it last week for 370/- crazy na πŸ˜‰

My summer skin care routine 3

Clean & Clear Morning Burst facial cleanser for beautiful and energized skin

Product description: it is a cleanser uniquely formulated with bursting beads that burst with energy and vitamins, and an invigorating citrus fragrance to help wake you up. The gentle cleanser, with Vitamin C and Ginseng, helps nourish skin while removing the dirt, oil and impurities that build up overnight. CLEAN & CLEAR MORNING BURST Facial Cleanser leaves your skin clean and energized!!

Won’t clog pores*Hypoallergenic

My Review: After using this product for over 2 years I don’t want to say much except if you have never tried it just give it a shot it’s AMAZING πŸ™‚
IΒ  am always looking for products claiming WON’T CLOG PORES it is really important.
In summer I wash my face with it once only but in winter this is my only face wash I just buy another flavor πŸ˜‰
by the way i used to buy it for 450/- and now it costs 670/- crazy again !!!

My summer skin care routine 4

My summer skin care routine 5

L’OREAL SOLAR EXPERTISE Active Anti- Wrinkle & Brown Spot Sun Cream

Product description: Protects against UVA RAYS, Advanced protection agains signs of premature ageing: sun-induced wrinkles and brown spots.

My Review: I went to the beach last saturday and didnt use any sunscreen yea well I know I am careless in that matter πŸ˜‰ but after the minor breakout and tanning I went to the store to get myself a sunscreen, I hate the greasy ones and the ones that makes you so white after applying them so I spend good 30 mins in analying them all and trying them on my skin, L’Oreal has always been my favorite and has never disappointed me, this sunscreen is so good it is not greasy doesnt make my face white nor it has any fragrance πŸ™‚ oh sorry I think I forgot to mention I have issues with scented lotions creams and foundations.
So back to the review I tried it for the first time and liked it alot I bought the bigger tube cause I apply it on my arms as well, it is important to use sunscreen to avoid damages like bad tan, brown spots, redness and pigmentation I know a lot of us face one of these issues because Summer in Pak is a killer πŸ˜‰
I normally use a moisturizer and toner before applying my foundation but these days its just crazy hot hence I stopped using moisturizer cause it makes me too oily and started using L’Oreal Solar expertise before applying foundation or tinted moisturizer or BB Cream.

My summer skin care routine 6

P.S I bought it for 370/- and it has spf 45+

Hope this was helpful. XX