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My Perfect Makeup Combo! Mac ‘Shy Girl’ And ‘Peaches’

Throughout all of September I have been reaching for these two products pretty much every day. Ever since I watched a video on YouTube that Lisa Eldridge had done about matchy makeup I thought I’d give it a go. Basically matchy makeup is, well matching your makeup!  so blush and lipstick or eyeshadow and lipstick all you could do all 3!

Mac 'Shy Girl' And 'Peaches'

The colours that I decided to go for was peach as it looks the best against my skin tone. I did try plum/purple but I think that would suit a darker skin tone. The products are ‘Mac Sheer tone Blush in Peaches’ And ‘Mac Shy Girl Lipstick’ I wear this look in the day and it instantly perks up my complexion. Another lipstick that I think would work well with this blush is ‘Mac Peach stock Lipstick’ From the Mac me over collection as it is  more of a true peach colour where as ‘Shy Girl’ is pinky peach.

Here is a picture of what this combo looks like on. Very peachy indeed!
Blush in Peaches' And 'Mac Shy Girl Lipstick' I wear this look