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My Neutral Eyeshadow Collection

My Neutral Eyeshadow Collection



I know after purchasing the infamous Naked palette I swore those 12 shades were the onlyeyeshadows I’d ever need in my life again. 

I’d even, somewhat drastically considered selling the rest of my collection in devotion to it; but alas the hoarder, addict, or whatever you want to call it, in me couldn’t go through with it and I still have a ‘crazy dumb collection’ (Tinie Tempah) of colours. 

I say colours but by colours I mean mainly neutrals. 
My Neutral Eyeshadow Collection1
Anyway, I don’t think I’ve purchased any eyeshadows for about a year now, seeing as I probably own every shade of cream, tan, taupe and brown going, but this palette popped up and it was love at first sight! 

Nothing too dark, no random brights, no blues, greys or blacks just 12 gorgeous variations of neutral. 

All wearable and foolproof, perfect. 
My Neutral Eyeshadow Collection2
MUA’s Heaven and Earth palette really is the lazy girls’ (that’s me) palette, there’s no need for faffing around as it has endlessly gorgeous combinations for both day or night looks, I love it! 
My Neutral Eyeshadow Collection3

Top row swatches!!
My Neutral Eyeshadow Collection4
Bottom row swatches!!

Right, I’ll get onto the most important parts of any product, the quality and the cost. 

There are no matte or glittery shades in this but they do all have a reflective finish similar to that of Mac’s Satin, Frost or Veluxe Pearl formulas. 

All 12 have great colour payoff and an almost creamy like texture which makes them really nice to work with, altogther the quality is damn good, rivalling even high-end shadows. 
My Neutral Eyeshadow Collection5
I’m really am genuinely shocked at the quality of these as this palette cost a mere £4!! 

I’ve paid much, much more for one shade that’s been half the quality of these, making this palette the one of the biggest beauty bargains I’ve ever come across. 
My Neutral Eyeshadow Collection6
All I can say is clever, clever MUA, a Superdrug own brand, for cottoning on to the fact that we all love our palettes and for trying to cash in on the success of Sleek. 

I for one think they are on to a winner with these and I urge you all to check out MUA on your next shopping trip, I promise you won’t be disappointed.