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My nails and my attempt at 3d acrylic nail art

Hey guys, just thought I’d post pics of the nails I’d been sporting this week and a couple of weeks ago, as well as some pics of what I came up with while trying to figure out 3d acrylic nail art.

But first, I had someone ask me a little while ago what products I use on my own nails and I thought I’d just list them all here. Please bear in mind that I am no professional, I just like to do my own nails. So here’s we go:3d nails acrylic heart

For acrylics I use:

-Beauty Secrets Grabber nail primer
-A.S.P. Bonding Acrylic Powder
-A.S.P. Prism Glitter Acrylic Powder (you can get A.S.P. at Sally Beauty Supply)
-Kiss Acrylic Kit (it’s hard to find acrylic liquid here if you’re not a professional so this works in a pinch if I can’t get it from a supplier on online)
-for coloured acrylics I just purchased a few cheap sets that I found on ebay

For gels I use:

-NSI Balance Bond primer
-NSI Builder Gels
-IBD Soak Off Gels
-NSI Cleanse
-OPI lint free wipes

And I also use Super Nail Line B Gone when I do my fills and IBD Intense Seal which is a long lasting top coat that needs to be cured with a UV lamp.

That’s for laying down the nails and then I just decorate my nails to match however I feel that week using tons of different decorations…nail canes, metal beads, glitter…

These are my nails from 2 weeks ago. I needed something to get my hubby off my back. He doesn’t quite get on with my “crazy spangley” nails. My response? You married an asian chick. What do you expect? But I couldn’t do them just plain pink, so I used fimo nail slices to jazz them up just a teeny tiny nails with bows

And these are the nails I’m sporting right now. Super simple light pink glitter acrylic with one little 3d acrylic heart on it. This was my first real attempt at it. I’m surprised I managed to get it to look somewhat like a heart.3d acrylic heart

So when I get interested in something, I get obsessive. So I sat down and tried to do more 3d acrylic nail art to practice. Here’s what I came up with:how to  3d acrylic nails
3d acrylic nail art

It was so much fun I didn’t want to stop but the smell of the nail monomer/liquid was making me feel high. Too bad that I’m useless with my left hand. Looks like all my nail art is going to have to be on my left hand I guess 🙁pink and white 3d acrylic nail art
Okay, back to watching Doom with the hubby. Um. Yay.