My M.A.C. Blush Collection

My M.A.C. Blush CollectionMy-M.A.C.-Blush-Collection


 Happy Monday Everyone!
Or is it…
I know it was a little hard for me to get up on a Monday morning again, I felt like today dragged!
Because I am enormously aggravated due to the fact that I went to three stores and couldn’t find a Maybelline product I was hunting for, I decided to direct my attention else where and do a blog post 🙂
Today I am going to show you my M.A.C blush collection (so far anyway), excluding beauty powders and what not.
Let’s get into it…
I’ll start off with the one and only cream blush I own, and that is Ladyblush. The buzz on this shade has always been prevalent, and it’s a well renown cult favorite for sure. There is no way to describe it but just a very dusty pink that is perfect for every day wear. Because I like to take my photos irresponsibly without natural light, it’s picking up more on the brown side, but I’m sure everyone knows what it looks like in real life.mac Ladyblush
Pink Swoon is a more recent addition to my collection, and certainly one of a kind. I don’t have many bright pinks such as this one, but I really wanted to step outside of my comfort zone with a fun shade. Pink Swoon is just a vivid Barbie pink. This is a more blue based pink, which I tend to steer clear from when it comes to lip products, but with blush, it seems to work just fine.mac pink swoon blush
The most recent addition, and probably most exciting, Immortal Flower. Immortal Flower was recently released with M.A.C’s newest Tres Cheek collection (which by the way has been restocked online, I saw). It mixes the best of both worlds – a coral pink and a creamsicle orange. This is going to be your go-to color this Spring and Summer, not just with your blush, but it seems to be that EVERYTHING is coral or orange right down to your shoes!mac immortal flower blush
Bite of an Apple is a coral-red shade that was limited edition with M.A.C’s Venomous Villains collection way back when. I remember VV came out when I was at my peak obsession with M.A.C, so even though I didn’t know how I would wear this, I got it anyway. Right now, I find it works really well year round, and when applied with a lighter hand looks extremely flattering.mac Bite of an Apple blush
Melba is another tried and true favorite amongst M.A.C lovers. It is the perfect shade if you want just a simple go-to color. This color is also EXCELLENT for beginners because it doesn’t require any special application techniques like a brighter blush or a cream blush, and it doesn’t require any special eye or lip combo to match. It’s simple, yet beautiful, and one I plan on keeping in my collection.mac melba blush
Fleur Power is another recent addition to my collection. This is just a really nice pink that is on the brighter side of “mid-tone”, if that makes sense. Because Fleur Power is so intensely pigmented, it comes off strong, so be prepared! This makes an excellent Spring and Summer shade for a wide variety of skin tones.mac fleur power blush
Peachykeen is the sort of lone ranger in my collection. When I bought this, I really enjoyed it, but now I don’t find myself reaching for it as often. My main concern with Peachykeen is that it is much more shimmery, and if you haven’t noticed, my oily skin keeps me sticking with matte blushes only. This is a gorgeous shade, especially on medium skin tones, but the shimmer tends to make me shy away from this product.mac peachykeen blush
Last but not least is another recent addition to the collection and it is Lovecloud. Along with Immortal Flower, Lovecloud made it’s debut in Tres Cheek. This was another one of the “must get” items in the collection, and I think everyone has been rather pleased with their purchase. Lovecloud is definitely one of the more safer options in the collection, at a neutral bright pink. This shade applies beautifully, with a gorgeous satin sheen. I have heard that some people with darker skin tones felt this was a little bit too light for their skin tone, so if you have a darker skin tone, you may want to consider a different option.

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