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My Holy Grail Makeup Products

Hey, so it’s been like a week since I’ve posted and I had planned on writing a lot in the holidays but I got a bit lazy, oops, I decided not to do a monthly favourites this month, purely because I haven’t really used a lot of new things so it would all be samey, and I haven’t been wearing as much makeup due to the fact I was ill for a while and then I just wasn’t wearing so was rubbish! instead of doing a monthly favourites I’m doing a kind of “holy grail” item post, but will be doing a non-beauty favourites at some point over the weekend (hopefully-the next four days are pretty busy :S) so yeah, enough rambling..

a quick note, I never used to know what a “holy grail” makeup product was, it’s just a product/thing you can’t go without


Physicians Formula Natural Origin Bronzer (healthy glow bronze)Maybelline Fit Me powder (120 classic ivory

Maybelline Fit Me powder (120 classic ivory) £5.99
for me, powder has always been one of those things that I always use, but hadn’t found “the one”..until now, I love this powder so so so much, it mattifies well without being cakey (I use either a stippling brush or the RT buffing brush) and the mirror inside makes it perfect for putting in your bag, for touch ups or just as a mirror, the applicator is really good for touch ups too and I always take this with me everywhere now.
Physicians Formula Natural Origin Bronzer (healthy glow bronze) $13.95/£9.22
this was a pain to find online..I could only find this one on the American website, hence the googled conversion, I got this in TK Maxx ages ago for about £5. before I got this I didn’t have a bronzer, so hadn’t really tried contouring, this is so healthy and natural looking that I don’t feel my makeup looks normal without it, I love it so much for everyday contouring but after realising how hard this could be to get hold of I think I will probably find an alternative when I run out of this, which won’t be any time soon, the brush that this comes with can be a little scratchy, it’s okay for occasional use but I prefer to use the RT contour brush 🙂MAC blusher (gingerly)MAC paintpot (painterly)
MAC blusher (gingerly) £17.50
this is the most expensive makeup item I own..but I am head over heels in love with’s a pretty, natural blush and I’ve used it practically every day I’ve worn makeup since I got it and can’t imagine not having it, I really don’t know what else to say about it (a)
MAC paintpot (painterly) £14.50
this is one of the first products I ever wanted from mac and I love it so much, I have a review on it here so won’t go on too much but this is perfect as a base, as part of a smokey eye or alone on the lid, I use it so much without really realising, like, I don’t realise I need it but if I didn’t have it I’d be lost..MUA brow pencil (blonde) MAC eye pencil (coffee)
MUA brow pencil (blonde) £1
I love this, not so much the pencil, I very rarely fill my brows in, I’m not sure if that is just laziness or because I have quite filled in brows already, but I really love the little brush on the end, I’ve used brow brush things before that have longer bristles than this and they just annoy me, whereas this one you can see is really short meaning you have more precision, it tames my brows really easily and I would pay much more than £1 for the brush alone, I love it 🙂
MAC eye pencil (coffee) £13.50
I don’t really know what to say about this, I adore it, it is one of those things where I never thought I would pay this much for an eyeliner but I have no regrets, it’s a really nice dark brown colour so is less harsh than black and I love the way it looks, it is smooth and stays put and works on the lid and waterlines, it’s amazing!
so that’s all my “holy grail” items, in general concealer and mascara should be in here because I can’t go without them, but I still haven’t found my ideal ones for them yet, if you have any suggestions that would be lovely, also leave your own holy grail items below :’)
thankyou so much for reading, Yazmine xx