My First ELF Order // Initial Thoughts

Here is my review of My First ELF Order // Initial Thoughts  !


After working like a crazy loon on my dissertation and final assignments for University during April and the beginning of May (including a couple of all-nighters, several panic attacks and a hell of a lot of tears!) I decided I needed a little pick-me-up in the form of some new make-up goodies to play with. I’d been debating doing an order with ELF for a while, mainly thanks to my favourite beauty youtuber Becca who often raves about their products, so when Carrie mentioned on twitter that they were offering free delivery for orders I decided it was time to take the plunge and finally give some ELF products a little try. Unfortunately one of the products I mainly wanted to try was their make-up setting spray but it was out of stock, and a couple of the brushes I wanted were out of stock too, so I might have to place another cheeky little order at some point 😛 I can’t remember how long it took for the products to arrive but I know it was pretty speedy especially considering I didn’t pay for it, so full points on delivery ELF 🙂 I haven’t tried all of the products yet, but thought I’d give you a peak at what I chose and my initial thoughts on the ones I have tried (some of which I absolutely adore!!)…

My First ELF Order Initial Thoughts1

My First ELF Order Initial Thoughts2

Mineral Lipstick (£2.50 on sale): Cheerful Cherry//Nicely Nude//Party Pink
I’ve become a bit of a lipstick addict lately so when I saw these Mineral Lipsticks reduced to £2.50 from £5 I rather excitetably added about ten to my basket before reasoning with myself that I could only order a couple. I haven’t tried ‘Cheerful Cherry’ yet (because I’m so obsessed with wearing the other two!!) so I can’t comment specifically on the colour/pigmentation of that one, but I chose it because I thought it looked like a lovely subtle red which would be a little easier to wear and suit my skin tone better than my bright 519e red MAC one. I think it’ll be the perfect lip shade with navy blue and am planning to wear it to work tomorrow 🙂 ‘Nicely Nude’ and ‘Party Pink’ are two of the best lipsticks I’ve ever tried and I literally cannot get enough of these little babies! ‘Nicely Nude’ is the perfect nude shade, adding a lovely light colour to the lips without creating the dreaded concealer lip appearance. I usually struggle with light coloured lipsticks as I suffer with quite dry lips so they can often look flaky on me, but this one applies like a dream and leaves my lips looking super moisturised whilst distributing an even amount of colour. ‘Party Pink’ has become my staple everyday lipstick and I particularly like wearing it to work as it’s just ever so slightly darker than my natural lip colour so creates a lovely natural colour but isn’t too noticeable if it wears off during my shift. I love the packaging of the lipsticks and think the velvety-feeling black cases are very snazzy. I could rave about these lipsticks all day, but the main reason I like them is because they’re so easy to apply as they can just be slicked across the lips without much effort or concentration and they create a lovely pigmented, moisturised appearance. I never find lipstick to be particularly durable, but I tend to apply these in the morning, top them up at lunch time and maybe once more in the late afternoon to keep the colour noticeable on my lips throughout the day.

My First ELF Order Initial Thoughts3

My First ELF Order Initial Thoughts4

Lipstick (£1.50): Captivating//Fearless
For £1.50 I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot from these lipsticks, and whilst I haven’t tried ‘Fearless’ yet (I’m not actually sure why I ordered this shade as it’s a bit of a bright red for me, I must have been a bit fuzzy-headed in my ELF exciteable state haha!!) ‘Captivating’ is the most incredible coral lipstick I’ve ever found! Every other one I’ve tried just didn’t work on my lips (creating a flaky texture and very little pigmentation) but this one applies like a dream and creates such a beautiful colour on the lips. I wasn’t sure if coral lipstick would suit my light skin-tone and blonde hair as most of the people I see rocking it are brunettes, but this lipstick gives the most perfect subtle orange which I have fallen head over heels in love with and think will be my holy grail lip colour if we ever get some summery weather again! As with the Mineral Lipsticks I’ve been so impressed with the ease of application and high pigmentation of ‘Captivating’ and it smells/tastes incredible too, kind of like the vanilla flavour of MAC lipsticks 🙂 I always love lipsticks which have a packaging which allows you to see their colour so you can quickly grab the one you’re wanting, but I do find the plastic packaging of these lipsticks a little cheap and have to be very careful winding the lipstick up and down as it’s quite stiff so feels very delicate. For £1.50 I can deal with cheap packaging though!!

My First ELF Order Initial Thoughts5

Make-Up Brushes (£1.50): Eyeshadow//Concealer
I love the eyeshadow brush as I find it to be the perfect shape for applying eyeshadow all over my eyelids (I’m not very experienced/technical when it comes to eyeshadow application!) and find it picks up and applies product effortlessly with minimal dropage under the eye area. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get on at all with the concealer brush and have actually started using it to apply lipstick instead which it works wonders for! I find it to be too small and stiff for concealer application as it doesn’t blend at all and just kind of streaks the product across. Whilst I do find it good for applying lipstick I’m usually too lazy (or in too much of a rush for work because I’ve overlaid again!!) to use it and opt to just sweep my lipstick across my lips instead.

My First ELF Order Initial Thoughts6

Nail Polish (£1 On Sale): Fire Coral//Rosy Raisin
I chose these colours mainly for my toes as I love bright colours on my toes in the summer and dark in the winter. I’ve only tried ‘Fire Coral’ so far and I loved the colour, it was so bright and vibrant and I imagine it would look wicked with a tan 🙂 The polish applied like a dream and only needed two thin coats to create a good coverage, however I found it chipped so easily, both on my hands and on my toes, so I was a little disappointed with that 🙁 These are discontinued colours though and I’ve noticed that ELF have updated the formula of their nail polish so I would like to try a newer one, however for their usual £2.50 price tag I’d probably rather just get one of my beloved Barry M nail polishes!

My First ELF Order Initial Thoughts7

Mascara Primer (£3.75)
Oh my goodness this is literally one of the best products I’ve ever come across, I’m completely and utterly in love with it! I’ve always had quite small lashes and have never found a mascara that I’m actually wowed by, but since using this little baby my lashes have become super lashes! They’re curlier, longer and much more prominent. If anyone from ELF ever reads this please don’t ever discontinue this product because I would be lost without it now 😛

My First ELF Order Initial Thoughts8

Lip Primer and Plumper (£3.75)
I can’t comment too much on this product as I’ve only tried the primer end once, but oh my goodness it was awful which I was gutted about 🙁 I ordered it because I get frustrated when my lipstick doesn’t last for my whole shift at work (I usually do 4 hour shifts so don’t get a chance to re-apply it!) and a friend suggested that I try a primer. When I applied it the other day it made my lips bright white but I thought don’t panic, it must be meant to do that and the lipstick will just look normal on top of it but oh no, the lipstick got the white all over it when I tried to apply it on top of the primer and the colour looked really streaky on my lips with half colour/half white primer. It was a light coloured lipstick I tried (a peachy shade from the Revlon lip butter range) so I don’t know if the primer will look any better with a different colour, but I’m a little sheepish about trying it again :/

My First ELF Order Initial Thoughts9

White Eye-Liner (£1 On Sale)
I really don’t like slating products and always try to think of something positive to say, but this eye liner unfortunately just did absolutely nothing when I applied it. It didn’t leave any colour at all, so I re-purchased the Barry M white eye liner instead which applies a very pigmented colour across my waterline with just one application.

My First ELF Order Initial Thoughts10

Mini Eyeshadow Palette (£1 On Sale): Ethereal 
I haven’t tried this little eyeshadow palette yet as I’ve moved away from eyeshadow a bit recently and have been going for a more natural eye make-up look. I think it’ll be brilliant to pack in a travel make-up bag though (not that I have any exciting trips planned meep!) as the three brown shades look lovely and I only ever use brown eyeshadow. I’m mainly excited to try the little white section as a highlighter for my brow bone 🙂

So my first ELF order has been a bit up and down, some of the products definitely reflect their low price (the white liner especially!) but I’ve also found some absolute gems and am already excited to place my next order. The mascara primer and lipsticks are by far my favourite products from the order and I’m really looking forward to trying some more of the lipstick shades 🙂 I just hope the make-up setting spray comes back into stock on the website soon!!

Have you tried any ELF products? Which are your favourites? 🙂 I’d love some recommendations of what else to try!

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