My Favorite Sigma Brushes

Hello everyone!!

Today I wanted to bring you a little favorites post, but not on the traditional favorite makeup products, but what we use to apply them! I am going to share with you my most loved brushes from Sigma, a great inexpensive alternative to MAC brushes.

I have always been a huge Sigma advocate, ever since seeing the love for them explode all over the beauty community. I have never had a negative experience purchasing from them, or using any of their products. I’ve narrowed it down to the six brushes that I just cannot live without, and are an every day staple in my application routine.

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1 Sigma E05 - Eye Liner


Sigma E05 – Eye Liner

I have recently discovered my love for gel eye liner. My hand is not always the steadiest, so I often found the stiffness of liquid eyeliner applicators difficult to work with. I love to apply gel liner inside my upper and lower waterlines, it’s the only thing that does not smudge or fade! To apply my eye liner I have been LOVING the E05. It’s small and flexible so you get an effortless beautiful line. As for winging your liner, I tend to not wing out my liner on an every day basis, but if I do I prefer an angled eye liner brush.


2 Sigma E40 - Tapered Blending


Sigma E40 – Tapered Blending

This is the number one brush I recommend to beginners. With the E40 you can apply color into your crease and blend it out easily. There is no need to worry that your color isn’t being spread evenly, or that it’s not precise. The tip of the E40 is dense and firm, and allows precise and effortless application. This is also great to apply a skin tone neutral color in between your crease shade and highlight shade to allow a better blending gradient.


3 Sigma E30 - Pencil


Sigma E30 – Pencil

I am a big fan of the smokey eye, anyone knows that. This is my go to brush when I am creating the perfect smokey eye because it serves two vital functions. First of all, it is great to define your outer V with a sexy black or dark brown. This deepens the eye look and creates a more dramatic effect. Second, it is great for bringing that darker color under your lower lash line to create the desired smokey effect. The bristles are dense and compact and come to a perfect point, so putting color into small precise areas is easy and quick.


4 Sigma F05 - Small Contour


Sigma F05 – Small Contour

A visible dupe for the coveted MAC 109, the F05 is my go to brush for highlighting and contouring. With its small dome shape, it allows precise application into the hollows of your cheek for a perfect contour, or beautiful application onto the cheek bones, temples and above the brow for highlighting. I own the MAC 109 as well as the F05, and honestly prefer the F05. The 109’s bristles often feel a lot more scratchy as well, where as every Sigma brush I own (even after many washes) always feels brand new and soft.


5 Sigma F50 - Duo Fibre


Sigma F50 – Duo Fibre

This is quite possibly one of the most versatile brushes for face application. First of all, Duo Fibre’s are notorious for being great applicators of liquid and cream foundation. Often referred to as “Stippling Brushes”, these create an airbrushed effect on the skin. To achieve this, you apply the foundation onto your face in sort of tapping motions, and then buff it in with circular motions, all with the F50. This brush is also amazing for applying cream highlighters, bronzers and blushes. It’s bristles allow it to grab the color from the pan and beautifully disperse it onto your skin. I love using these brushes when I apply my cream blushes, it applies the perfect amount of product without going overboard.


6 Sigma F80 - Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki


Sigma F80 – Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki

One of Sigma’s newest additions, the F80 is my holy grail foundation brush. The densely packed bristles allow the perfect amount of foundation to be buffed into your skin. Blending is effortless, and it’s INCREDIBLY soft. I love this brush because you get the denseness and softness of a kabuki, mixed with the long handle and great effects of a synthetic foundation brush. Sigma has recently released an entire line of Synthetic Precision brushes (I am absolutely dying to get my hands on them!)

Overall, I own nearly every single Sigma brush (minus the precision ones, give me time though!), and find them to be the greatest brushes I have ever used. Why spend the 20-50 dollars on MAC brushes when you can have better quality for less?


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