My Favorite Makeup Brushes for Getting the Job Done!

One of the most important products in your makeup collection is not what products you are using but what you are using to put them on!
Having the right tools can allow you to apply your makeup easier, faster or more effectively.
You want to make sure the tools you are using are right for you.
Some can be too harsh and even scratch the surface of your skin.
 Sometimes your tools can also be inappropriate for the job you are trying to do!
In this post I’m going to show you some of my favorite brushes for getting the job done.
These are my tried and true favorites – even up against the million other brushes I own!
Let’s get started with our face brushes…
1 Sigma Precision Round P82
The first step in our routine (other than primer – which I normally apply with my fingers) is concealer.
We often mistake our fingers as being the right tools for our concealer, when a brush is actually the correct choice.
Your fingers transfer excess oil onto your face, and can often soak up extra product. We want the product to stay on the area that we are applying it!
My favorite brush for Concealer is the Sigma Precision Round P82.
This is a great, dense brush that blends concealer effortlessly.
The stiff dome shape allows you to blend your concealer in circular motions without worrying about wasting product or having streaks and lines.
2 F84 by Sigma
 Next up would of course be foundation!
The reason I love this next brush is because you can use it for liquid, cream or powder foundation!
I’m talking about the F84 by Sigma, the counterpart to three other Synthetic Kabuki’s.
Unlike the others, the F84 has a flat, angled top. This makes it perfect for applying foundation around the hair line, eyes, mouth and nose.
The Synthetic Kabuki’s are intensely soft and dense, and an absolute PLEASURE to work with.
3 Real Techniques Powder Brush
 Next up – especially for those with oily skin – is our powder brush!
This is a recent discovery for me, but I feel like I have had it forever.
This is hands down the best powder brush I have ever used – right up against Sephora, MAC or any of it’s high end rivals.
The brush I am talking about is, of course, the Real Techniques Powder Brush by Samantha Chapman.
Everything from the shape to the bristles allows perfect application of any loose or pressed powder.
It’s dense enough to grab enough product but loose enough to spread the powder effortlessly without feeling stiff or abrasive.
4 MAC 109
 Next I go in and add a little contouring on my cheeks – and what better to do that with than the MAC 109.
I’ll have to say that I do own several MAC brushes and I definitely have been able to dupe them with a more cost effective option without compromising on quality.
The 109 is just one brush in particular that I cannot dupe and that I can’t find anything better.
This brush is perfectly designed to apply your contour or bronzer in all the right places.
Word to the wise for contour – You want a smaller brush because contouring is a process that’s based on precision.It’s important that your brush fits into the hollows of your cheeks and slightly under the jaw-line.
You don’t want something like the Samantha Chapman Powder brush, because you are applying the product onto a larger surface than what’s desired.
5 Sigma F40
No look is complete without a little color on the cheeks.
For applying blush to the apples of my cheeks, I like to use an angled brush that will help me apply blush precisely in an upward motion across my cheek bones.
For that, I look to my Sigma F40!
 This brush is a big help for anyone who really likes their blush blended and clean, or for those of you that have a heavy hand with blush. This helps you concentrate the product in one area, with a light sweep.
So now that we have the face covered, what are my favorite eye brushes?
6 MAC 239
 There are 10,001 shader brushes on the market – so it was a little hard for me to decide which was my favorite.
The reason why I chose the MAC 239 is because I find that this brush picks up the most product and applies it the most evenly. Some of my shader brushes apply the eye shadow a little streaky, forcing me to go back in with a blending brush.
I have three absolute favorite brushes from M.A.C – (one you’ll see later) – and this definitely falls in that category.
7 Sigma E05
One thing you should know about me is that I love love love love love (and love some more) gel eye liner.
Nothing frustrates me more than when I apply eye liner to either water line, and it’s gone or smudged within the hour.
With gel liner, I don’t have that problem, and my liner stays looking precise and clean all day.
For applying gel liner to my lash line or water line, I love to use my Sigma E05.
This is the best brush for eye liner – hands down!
8 MAC 219
Last up – for MAC anyway – is the MAC 219 – which is my favorite brush for applying color to the inner/outer half of my lid, or smudging a shade under the lash line. This is a lot softer than Sigma’s pencil brush, and much easier to work with.
9 Sigma E45
 Last but not least is my favorite brush for applying shadow into my crease – and that is the Sigma E45.
This brush is small enough to allow you to apply color into the crease without going crazy.
I used to use my regular tapered blending brush from Sigma, which is a little bigger, but I would find that it would apply color everywhere, not just into the crease. I would have my crease shade on my lid, brow bone, and side of my temple!
This has definitely been a great alternative to my previous crease brush.
So now that you know what brushes I love for getting the job done, what are your favorite brushes?

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