My Dermaline Facial Experience and Spa Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

As you all know, I have an oily acne prone sensitive skin. So to promote healthy skin, positive skincare habits.. I usually go for a monthly acne facial treatment at Dermaline Clinic Magallanes.. Whenever I miss my monthly ritual, for sure I’ll have a pimple or two. I have a very pleasant experience with them, it’s been a year and a half and I kept on coming back for another facial routine- as it really helps to moisturize my skin a bit and clear up problem areas to prevent them from recurring.

The Clinic has a decent basement parking space, and love the location as well, it’s not inside a mall nor a crowded area, you can go out without anyone seeing you. Unlike the other upscale clinic with a hefty price tag attached to their service– DERMALINE is inexpensive but with Excellent Quality Treatment. You can relax, and rejuvenate without burning a hole in your pocket. Dermaline Acne Facial Treatment will only cost you Php450 (approx $10) for Mild, Php550 for Moderate, Php600 (approx $15) for Severe.

It consists of…

1 cleansing

Deep Cleansing

They thoroughly Cleanse off the dirt, Scrub, and Apply the acne and oily skicare products while they give a relaxing facial massage.

2 Skin Exfoliation

Skin Exfoliation

They exfoliates with 3 different kinds of rotating brush all over your face with medicated products. These really makes your skin soft and supple.

Moisturizing with steamer

They will moisturize and put you on a warm mist to prep your skin before pricking.
3 frick


The most important part of facial, yes it is pricking! We all use a lot of make-up so cleansing is not really enough to remove the excess dirt, blackheads, white heads. Removing these stubborn stuffs prevent the pimples from coming out and re-curring.
I like not just the kindness of the facialist but also their competent hands that massage and do the pricking expertly but lightly. They are all knowledgeable and professional. After pricking a good amount of white and blackheads.. Once everything is finished, she’ll let me relax as she apply a Hot and Cold Compress.

Then my favorite parts are:

4 bioptron


Are you familiar with biopthron? it is a polarized light therapy that produces rapid results on chronic skin problems like heavily acne face, hard-to-heal wounds, scars to prevent keloids, and more.
I find it really effective and I’m glad they have it in DERMALINE inclusive in all facial treatment.
5 High Frequency or Laser
High Frequency or Laser

A high frequency machine generates a current that is transmitted to the skin through a glass electrode which helps to kill harmful bacteria, stimulate circulation and also helps the skin to absorb skincare products. It is used to treat acne and to assist in massaging aging skin. It also helps to heal an open lesions or extraction.
It has a warm sensationwhile having a relaxing effect on the skin.
6 me and my baby after the treatment
Me and My baby after the treatment
(sorry, poor lighting)
And I have good news for you ladies!!
Me, in coordination with Dermaline, will be hosting an 
Exclusive Spa Party Give-Away for FIVE People
A lucky winner will get to bring 4 friends to attend this event and avail the services.
The Spa Party exclusive For Five Lucky Beauties includes: 
Facial Supreme (Dermaline Signature treatment) 
Foot Scrub  
Hand or Foot Paraffin Spa 
…together with delicious treats!


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