My Current Cosmetics/Brush Holder

24 days to go and it’s time to open that pool of presents!
And what better way to celebrate the yuletide season than to clean up, dust off and build that Christmas Tree, and restrain your itching hands to open those presents?
I’m sure all of you are doing some general cleaning for the season, and trying to be organized as much as possible like I am. So as I was cleaning my brushes, I thought I’d share some of my cosmetics/make-up holders and compartments that I found recently.
1 my make up holder
I was on a hunt of cheap decent make-up brush and lip holders for ages as I don’t like the idea of spending thousands just for it..
I am so glad that I found these stylish sleek make-up compartments.
2 My Current Cosmetics Brush Holder
I got 2 of this from the SM acrylic/plastic home storage section, I was able to snag their last two stocks for285 pesos only (approximately $7).. cheap, isn’t it?
3 blush compartment
I can keep my 6 favorite to-go lipsticks on the upper compartment,  5 Nars blushes can fit on corner dividers.. can also fit Mufe loose powder tub, Bobbi Bronzer, Balm highlighter or anything..
4 My Current Cosmetics organizer
… etc can be placed at the bottom compartment which is spacious enough to keep anything I want.

5 brush holder

The blue Make-up brush organizer that I got for PHP 120 approx $3 from APEX. It is quite helpful if I want to further dry my brushes (of course i usually dry my brushes upside-down),  and whenever I want to separate my brush to reach it quickly/ or as a marker that it is time for a little bathing.

6 brush and liners standees

I got this for only PHP 180 (approx $4) from APEX, great bargain right? The stylish clear acrylic compartments hold your brushes, make-up pencils, tools, and more. The storage dividers are big enough to keep everything organized for quick use. I find them durable, easy to clean and great for storing on cabinets, tables or vanity dressers.
7 lipstick rack
I also got a Lipstick Rack for PHP180 (approx $4) it can hold 24 lipsticks in any size.

6 brush and liners standees

I can also keep my falsies for further use.
1 my make up holder

I must say, these cosmetics holder/compartments are decent for its price tag.

Each compartment houses enough of my everyday brushes that I usually use.
With my humble collection, this holder makes it easy for me to choose what I need for a specific application and put it back efficiently.
They’re pretty sturdy and you can’t argue with the price.
Where to purchase?
APEX Marketing Corp is available online, check here
Free Delivery Nationwide for every purchase of PHP 300
Enjoy Shopping!


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