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My Bedroom Essentials – Yankee Candles and Lily of the Valley room spray

Today’s post is going to be on my Bedroom Essentials! I have many, but these are the three things that keep my room smelling fresh and clean. I feel like bedrooms should be a place to unwind and relax, so i wonder how some people can actually do that if their room looks like a pigs sty and smells worse! I often find myself going to my friends house and cleaning their rooms, they love it though so it’s kind of a win-win situation (even if it means i have to do the work)!

Lily of the Valley room spray and my yankee candles:

bedroom essentials1

Yankee candle – soft blanketbedroom essentials2

I’m one of those “mild OCD” people, you know the ones who don’t really have OCD but have the symptoms? Yeah, that’s me. I can’t go to bed knowing there’s mess everywhere. I have to clean it up and i hate when things are left out on the side or put in the wrong place- It drives me nuts! Anyway, enough of my rambling.
These are the three things i rely on to keep my room smelling sweet and to be honest: girly. My rooms decked out with Laura Ashley (bed covers, throws, curtains, room sprays etc) and although it is expensive, it’s definitely worth it. If you want to look at my design scheme, clickhere to view the bed covers. That takes you to ebay, i couldn’t find it on the official website :(. Anyway, every now and then my mum drags me into our local store (which may i say, always smells amazing) and a few months ago i found this gorgeous spray. I think this is what they use in our store, because it smells just like the shop! It’s called Lily of the Valley and it smells amazing. Here comes the classic line… I’m not good with describing smells but here goes- Its a deep, musky, floral-y smell. Well…It was worth a try, haha! You’ll really need to go into the store to see what it smells like, its definitely worth the trip! To find your local store, click here.
Yankee candle – strawberry buttercream
bedroom essentials3
The next two items are regular tumbler Yankee Candles, oh my lordy- i love, love, love these little gems! So expensive but, sometimes you just have to splash out! These were originally £9.95, but the shop in Bristol Cribs were selling them 50% off so i picked up two which added up to the price of one, as mentioned! I seriously couldn’t believe the sale, i think the shop was shutting down so if you’re going to The Mall in Bristol make a beeline for Clintons as thats where i found them! I don’t know if this was exclusive to the store, i think it probably was because it looked as if they were trying to get rid of stuff but, if it wasn’t here’s the link to find your local Clintons – Strawberry Buttercream is my favourite because, its got that sweet girly smell but, Soft Blanket is amazing too because it just sets a really calm atmosphere in the room!
Click here to view Strawberry Buttercream
Click here to view Soft Blanket
I better put an end to my rambling now but, thanks for reading!
If you want, leave a comment with your TOP 3 Bedroom essentials!