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My Beauty Essentials for Autumn

My Beauty Essentials for Autumn

Autumn is here and there’s a nip in the air! Personally, I love the weather. It’s neither too hot nor too cold. But the changing weather can take a toll on your skin. These are my beauty essentials for autumn.


No, I don’t eat oats. But the changing weather leads to dry and flaky skin, and oats are the perfect solution. They exfoliate the skin and heal it. Plus, they’re mild enough to be used everyday. Some people add honey, but for me, oats and some water works just fine.

BODY MOISTURIZER:Beauty-tips-for-Autumn

I’m guilty of skipping out on body lotions in summers. They must be used throughout the year, but I’m lazy. However, come autumn, I start using body moisturizers religiously. My current favorite is TBS Moringa Milk Body Lotion. It smells amazing and I love the dispenser. I liked the TBS body butters too but hated using them because of the tub packaging.

LIP BALMS:Autumn-Beauty-Essentials

A tinted lip balm for the day and Vaseline for the night-my lip care essentials!

CREAM BLUSH:Autumn-Essentials

Time to bring out all the cream blushes you were not able to use during summers. I love the dewy look that cream blushes give to the skin. I’m hooked to Nyx Cream blushes. Planning to buy Maxfactor next. Any other suggestions guys?

NAIL PAINTS:Autumn-Beauty-remedies

I love wearing dark colors on my nails. But summers are more about pastels and lighter shades. Now, I will bring out the reds, magentas, blues and the darker hues!

These are my beauty essentials for autumn? What about you? Do you change your beauty or skin care routine, with a change in season?