My Arrow Tattoo

Here is my brand new Arrow Tattoo..

where have I been?! any longer and it could have been nearing on a month! however, my laptop had broken and I needed to wait to get a new one! here I am today with my new Toshiba laptop 🙂 I am still learning about Windows 8 but I really like it so far :)so for those of you who don’t know, I turned 18 on the 29th of August and on the 30th I went and got my very first tattoo 🙂 this tattoo, for those asking, is for my dad who passed away on November 18th, 2012.


the meaning of the arrow: an arrow can only be shot forward by pulling it back, so remember that when life is holding you back, it is getting ready to shoot you into something better.

in terms of pain i’d say mine was a 2out of 5. I really didn’t experience any unbearable pain until my artist started the outline after the shading. however, it has not put me off having more so the pain is not as bad as people make it out to be.

 Arrow Tattoos

in terms of what it feels like I would say it is like being scratched, with a sharp nail and of course a lot deeper. I don’t know if that explanation is very helpful haha.


it has now been 2 weeks since I had it done and I still don’t think that it is completely healed still. however, it has set and the colour is still very vibrant. im still using bepanthen on my arm so that it does not dry out.

my artist: is from a local tattoo shop in my town in Essex, I have included pictures of his work 🙂

he is also the same artist who done my boyfriends tattoo, pictures of which are on my instagram page 🙂


 Tattoos4 Tattoos5 Tattoos6
 I hope that you liked this post and I am sure you will see it crop up more in terms of my outfit posts 🙂 let me know in the comments what you think and of course follow if you would like to see more 🙂


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