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Must Try Hair Colors for the Fall Season

Gone are the days when going into fall meant going darker with your hair. Today, many beauty icons are defying that ‘rule’ and are getting more creative with their hair colors. If changing up your hair color along with the seasons has been your thing and you’re looking for something new to spice up your look, check out these must try hair colors for the fall season.

  • BRIGHT AND BUTTERY BLONDE – blonde for fall? Why not! And while you’re at it, you might want to make that bright and buttery blonde too. Think Kim Kardashian or Rita Ora kind of blonde – a hair color you would most likely expect to see on women only in the summer. As it turns out, bright blonde actually makes a great fall hair color as it makes gorgeous contrast to the usual dark autumn hues we wear during this time of the year.bright blonde with bit of roots showing
    buttery blonde
  • MILKY COFFEE BRUNETTE – if, on the other hand, you’re not into blonde and you want to stay a brunette, at least update your look and add in some lighter highlights to give dimension to your hair or, better yet, opt for a milky coffee kind of brunette like that of Emily Ratajkowkski or even Jourdan Dunn. This hair color is perfect for those who have warmer skin brunette coffee bruntte hair
  • PURPLE – yes, you read that right. Purple is the hottest hair color for fall right now and everyone is going gaga over it. Believe it or not, purple hair actually looks great on anyone (as long as you’re confident enough to rock it, of course!) so if you’re looking for something fun and wild to rock this fall, consider going for this crazy color!purple hair on dark skin purple ombre on fair skin
  • RUSSET RED – now, for a hair color that’s bold enough to make a statement but not too much to be considered on the crazy side, russet red would be rad. Red is the perfect hair color to go for if you have green or hazel eyes because it makes them pop and look a lot brighter.russet red on fair skin russet red
  • GOLDEN STRAWBERRY – if you’re thinking of going blonde for fall but don’t think you can pull off something as bright as proper blonde, you can always go for a slightly darker shade that is strawberry blonde. Have it infused with golden highlights to warm it up even further and give you a nice dimension. This hair color is perfect if you also want something rather soft and feminine.

strawberry blonde blake lively strawberry blonde hair perfection