Must Have Shoes for Girls on the Go

Women who are always on the go know too well the struggle of being in heels all the time. It’s painful, it’s difficult and it can even be dangerous but they have no choice but to put up with it because heels add a certain hint of glamour to the look. It doesn’t always have to be that way, though. Here are some stylish must have shoes for girls on the go.

  • BASIC BLACK FLATS – basic black flats are a must in any stylish girl’s closet, especially those who are always on the go. These babies may be basic but they’re the most versatile pair you’ll ever have in your wardrobe. Choose a style that you know you will be able to wear with most of your outfits.

basic black flats

basic everyday flats

  • BASIC BLACK PUMPS – even though your basic black flats have you pretty much covered, there are just some outfits that look a million times better with heels. For these, a pair of basic black pumps will do. That is, of course, if you don’t want anything too fancy, bold or attention-grabbing.

basic black heels basic black pumps

  • NUDE PUMPS – whether you’re a petite sweetheart or a 6-foot stunner, a pair of nude pumps is absolutely necessary. Choose a pair that comes close to your natural skin color. Nude pumps are great for creating the illusion of longer legs – something that the petite ladies always aim for. They’re also great for making your legs look leaner and more slender which is always a plus, even for the taller gals.

nude pointy pumps nude pumps outfit

  • DRESSY SANDALS – on days when you need to run around but still look posh, a pair of dressy sandals will see you through. Dressy sandals are perfect, too, if you don’t want anything too formal or too stuffy for the day.

dressy sandals outfit dressy red sandals

  • COMFY BOOTS – neither wet roads nor snow could stop a busy gal so a pair of comfy boots to keep you warm, dry and stylish is always a must. Choose a pair that’s right in between casual and dressy to make sure it’ll go with most of the things in your closet. Uggs can be comfy as heck but you won’t be able to use those when you’re wearing something a little more on point, right?

boots in brown suede boots in leather

  • STATEMENT SHOES – on days when you need something else other than the outfit itself to make you look good, you can turn to your shoes and a pair of statement shoes will definitely come in handy. Depending on your style, statement shoes can be as cute as leopard printed pumps or full on embellished heels.

statement shoes statement strappy soles

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