Must Have Jackets for Chilly Summer Nights

Chilly summer nights are the perfect excuse to stay outdoors later than usual. I always love a good night out with friends on a nice, breezy summer night – be it for a nice and relaxed dinner or a fun and kickin’ party. Summer is one of the best seasons to get really creative with your style. Getting dressed up for summer is so much easier than it is for any other season. You can basically just throw on a dress, slip into some sandals and be done. For the night, just top off whatever you’re wearing with a jacket and you’re good to go. Speaking of jackets, check out these must have jackets for chilly summer nights.


  • DENIM JACKET – a denim jacket just makes a great all-around jacket. You can use it during the day but it’s more comfortable layered on top of a cute ensemble at night. Denim jackets are perfect for adding that laidback, casual vibe to any look. If you want to dress down your daytime look for a mellow evening, just throw on a denim jacket and go.

denim jacket for summer

denim jacket outfit with lace up shoes

  • CROPPED JACKET – if you’re looking for a universally flattering jacket to add to your evening ensemble, a cropped jacket might just be what you need. Cropped jackets can make your waist look thinner as long as you have them in the right length. Ideally, your cropped jacket should hit your natural waistline for it to flatter your shape. These are great for adding more of that street style-ish kind of vibe to an outfit.

 cropped coral jacket cropped embroidered jacket

  • LEATHER JACKET – for a really chilly summer night, you might want to consider going for a leather jacket instead. It’s warmer than most kinds of jackets you would usually wear in the summer but not as warm as your fall and winter ones so it doesn’t leave you sweating. It also adds a nice, sleek and edgy vibe to your look.

leather jacket style in summer fringe jacket for summer

  • FLORAL JACKET – what good is a summer evening wardrobe without at least one floral jacket in it? Floral jackets are perfect for reinforcing the summer-y theme in your look. They’re also great for those who want to rock an ultra-femme look for the evening and want to be comfy and warm doing so.

floral blazer jacket floral jacket outfit

  • FRINGE JACKET – it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the Boho look or not, a fringe jacket is a must have in any girl’s closet in the summer. Fringe jackets are perfect for just about any kind of summer evening. They’re so versatile and so chic, you’ll never want to be without them again.

fringe jacket outfit leather jacket classic black


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